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10 Best Apps for College Students in 2021

Nowadays being a student is very difficult because you have always to submit assignments and speeches. Doing these all is not an easy task at all. Do you want a college life full of fun and enjoyment without any stress? Then what about your all assignments? What can help you make college life easier? On the other hand think, doing your assignments, managing them, and submitting them before their due date has made the students’ life very challenging. In this modern era, everything has become very easy with the help of technology and its different applications. Therefore, students must be aware of them and their usages. Don’t worry, thanks to technology because of the dozens of apps for students to make their work easier and better. When it comes to being a student of a college, then you have to do lots of kinds of stuff like; preparing for a lecture and assignments but all of them are really tiring without getting the help of any app. There is an application for every kind of work in today’s modern era. If you are a student and want to wake up earlier, complete notes, and satisfy your professor, then there are different apps doing these all stuff free for you. In this article, I have brought a list of 10 best apps for college students which will help them and make their college life easier and better as follow just have a glance at them.

10 Best Apps for College Students

1. Microsoft office lens

Microsoft office lens is an app that scans different kinds of stuff like; whiteboard, books, and notes. The best part is that after taking a picture of the stuff, you can change it into a pdf file. Just by clicking a picture of the target, you can have your notes written and completed without bothering you at all. It captures pictures very clearly even it edits the image itself if there anything extra in it. It captures the picture very clear in full HD form. This app has made the students’ work very easy. Indeed, for students who hate writing down notes. Therefore, this app is very liked and helpful for them.

2. Myhomework student planner

It makes a plan for students. Myhomework student planner creates a schedule or timetable for the students to help them manage their assignments and time together. Its function is already clear by its name that it makes a plan for students. Therefore, there is no need of mentioning everything in detail. It reminds students that when they have to study, do assignments, and don’t spend their good quality time trying to remember what to do. In fact, it let students don’t waste time, concentrate on their studies, and make their life free of tension.

3. Mathway

Mathway is already clear from its name that this app is used for solving mathematics problems of the students. How can students skip such a great app which is solving their most difficult subject’s problem, mathematics? The rating of this app might be very high because most of the students get to need this app when they get stuck while solving and trying to find out the answers. Mathematic sucks when you are not able to find out the answers to the questions; therefore, this app is the most appropriate and favorite one of the students among all the rest of them. The Mathway app can help you find out the algebraic problem’s answers. All the formulas are already added to the app. All you have to do is to just enter your question in the app and then your answer will appear on the screen immediately.

4. Dropbox

Are you disturbed because of the storage of your mobile phone? Do you want an app that should be able to store all your documents in it? If yes, then you are searched for the right one. You might have several important images of notes, videos, and documents that are part of your examination paper. But the mobile phone is not having enough storage for your documents; therefore, you need the help of this application. You can save all your important files like; videos, projects, and images of your notes in this app,” dropbox.” You can save and use them wherever and whenever you want to.

Download Dropbox

5. Any-do

Best Apps for College Students

Any-do app is the most prominent and used application by students. This application helps you in making a list of works you have to do for your assignments. It is a reminder for your every necessary work. Without bothering yourself by remembering your work just use this app and then do your work on time. All you have to do is do your work and then delete the ones you are done with them. One of the most surprising things is that you can manage it just by your sound and touching it. You can also add a shortcut to it on your device’s screen for quick entrance.

6. Myscript calculator

Best Apps for College Students

If you are fed up with using a simple calculator that can’t solve difficult equations like; algebraic questions, then we offer you the Myscript calculator app. Do you want to have a calculator which should access quickly and easily in your mobile phone or laptop? If yes, then rather than taking a calculator with yourself everywhere, you should better take your mobile phone which should have this app in the portable device for taking everywhere. With the help of the Myscript calculator app, you can solve difficult mathematic equations by only touching on your phone. Solving the questions by your own hands in your phone, helps you to focus on your learning process. Myscript app can solve any type of equation whether it is easy or difficult one by just a click on it.

7. Grammarly

Best Apps for College Students

Do you want your errors to be rectified automatically? Do you want your homework to be without any errors? Generally, the marly app helps you out to correct the grammatical mistakes and make your report or assignment the best. With the help of the Grammarly app, your errors will be rectified automatically without wasting any time. Almost all the apps save the students’ time but this is the only app that can save much time without doing any hard work. To clean up your assignment from errors, you have to use the marly app. When it finds an error, it underlines it and suggests new words to write in place of that. It can teach you more words too.

8. Studious

Best Apps for College Students

Do you forget about the day, date, and time of your exam? If you don’t want to forget any of the thing related to your college, then what are waiting for download studious app. Studious reminds of your examination date, day, and time as well as reminds you of your lecture and homework time too. All you have to do is download Studious for free, then give all the information about your test, homework, and then see this app will set a reminder for you anytime and anywhere you want. Just go for this app and then see the magic.

9. Dictionary.Com

Best Apps for College Students

If you are a book lover, then you can perceive the use of this application easily. Com is in almost all the mobile phones of the students including those who read books. If you are reading any book for researching your assignment, then this app can help out if you come across new words. Actually, on the spot, you can go and check it out the meaning of it from this app even without connection too. In this app, you can find out the meaning of the word, can hear the pronunciation and the most important thing is that you can come across more new words and learn them.


10. Self-control

Best Apps for College Students

Generally, students are disturbed a lot because of social media. They can’t even focus on their studies very well because they are always thinking about the happenings going on in the screen of their devices. They might think that what their friend uploaded or what should they upload for impressing others. These all have interrupted the study process of the students; therefore, self-control app has been created for the purpose of solving this sort of problems. As by its name, you can guess that what is its function. Self-control app deletes all the other apps which disturb the learning process of the students. But it deletes them only for some short period of time until your project has not been finished. When your project is finished, then the apps will be downloaded again. That’s the way it functions. This app is very great which helps students concentrate on their studies more.

I hope that you have found amazing and useful applications from this article for studying better and good grades. Every student must download some of these apps in their device so that they can solve their problems anytime and anywhere in a short period of time. Mostly, these apps are created for students to decrease depression, concentrate, and study in a better way. What other apps do you know about? Are they helpful? Please feel free to share your feedback in the comment section.

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