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10 Popular AngularJS Frameworks For Web Application Development

The user interface of a website or web application is the first thing that grabs your site visitor’s attention. Many front-end development frameworks and libraries, including AngularJS and ReactJS, are available to build an enticing user interface.

AngularJS is helpful in developing dynamic single-page applications (SPAs). It makes it handy to develop robust and modern websites and web applications. By hiring an AngularJS development company, you can make it possible to develop a top-notch front-end for your website or web application.

To streamline the tasks, there are various front-end frameworks available for AngularJS.

Here are the top 10 AngularJS frameworks you must know to build modern websites or web applications.

Before seeing the list of popular AngularJS frameworks, let’s first discuss the benefits of using such frameworks in website development.

Benefits of Using AngularJS Frameworks in Website Development

Besides making web development handy, making use of AngularJS tools offers many more benefits. Some major benefits you will get with using AngularJS frameworks are discussed as follows –

Improved Development Process – Using a framework for website development makes the website development task easier. It speeds up the website and web application development process.

Reduced Coding Length – Using the framework eradicates the need to write long lines of code. The reduction in additional time and effort enhances the overall performance of developing a website or a web app.

Eases Debugging and Application Performance – Developing a website using a framework primarily focuses on improving code quality and readability. In addition to efficiently developing web applications, frameworks facilitate you with easy debugging and website maintenance.

Code Reusability – With a framework, developers do not require writing complex code structures with hundreds of code lines. Many popular frameworks provide easier code reusability, enabling developers to use the same codebase to develop multiple web apps.

So, these are the major benefits you will get by using the frameworks for website or web application development. Apart from that, it also facilitates a business owner to create lightweight web applications, helps to improve code readability, and others.

Let’s move to our main topic, i.e., the list of major AngularJS frameworks.

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List of Popular AngularJS Frameworks for Website Development


LumX is based on SaaS and can be considered the best CSS framework for AngularJS. It is a flexible AngularJS framework for front-end development.

It lets you build user-friendly UIs with Google material design practices. It helps improve your web app performance by optimizing the JS files. There is also the possibility of using jQuery without using any plugins.

Suave UI

It is helpful to develop a compelling user interface for your website or web app. Suave UI facilitates developers to store UI components in bundle files.

It eradicates the need to include each component separately. It comes with a rich collection of directives, CSS definitions, and services.

Angular Material

It is an Angular CSS framework that is verified by the Angular team and is the formally suggested Angular UI framework. It has been developed on Google material design. It comes with more than 30 UI components.

This UI component library contains high-quality admin panels, reusable templates, and components.

Angular Material enables a developer to build user-engaging, faster, and more responsive websites and web apps by following the latest design practices and principles like graceful degradation, device independence, and browser portability.

Angular UI Bootstrap

As the name implies, this AngularJS framework is developed on top of Bootstrap. It is not possible to use Bootstrap directly in an Angular project. It is because Bootstrap employs jQuery, which can cause hampering the specific functions of Angular.

Angular UI Bootstrap will be the solution to utilize Bootstrap with the AngularJS framework. It does not have any reliance on jQuery, which makes it efficient to incorporate Bootstrap components into your Angular project.

UI Grid

It is entirely developed in AngularJS with no jQuery dependencies. UI Grid is formerly known as ng-grid. UI grid makes it handy to perform actions like group, sort, filter, visualize, export, and more. It lets developers manage vast data sets. Besides, the UI grid helps in column pinning, row-expanding virtualization, and more.


Another scalable, dynamic, and robust AngularJS framework is Radian. It makes embedding plots directly onto HTML-based web pages possible for developers. It lets developers customize HTML elements to develop plots and graphs based on the parameters.

With the D3.js plotting library, Radian binds the HTML and JavaScript attributes. It uses the AngularJS framework to implement the HTML elements. Another essential feature of using Radian is that it does not require writing any JavaScript code. It is easy to use for functional as well as data-based plots.

Prime NG

It is an AngularJS framework with 80 Angular UI components that lets you implement all your UI requirements in style. It has a lot to offer, from native themes to pre-built widgets. It provides free widgets, including charts, menus, overlays, form inputs, and others. Moreover, Prime NG offers 16 themes with 200+ icons without any cost.

NGX Bootstrap

This open-source tool consists of nearly all core Bootstrap components. It helps you to make an interactive and user-friendly website or web application.

NGX Bootstrap’s components can work on desktop and mobile with equal performance and ease, making it a highly flexible open-source AngularJS tool. All of its components are unit tested and support the latest AngularJS versions. Moreover, the components are perfectly written & documented and follow the latest style guidelines to maintain code and readability.


It was one of the first AngularJS frameworks to combine JavaScript, CSS, and web components. Furthermore, it uses the REST API for back-end integration, which makes it handy to create intuitive applications for iOS and Android environments.

Supersonic comes with various features like declarative UI, mobile-first CSS, compatibility with iOS and android OS, AngularJS directives, and others.

Supersonic offers various benefits: it helps build hybrid applications, improves app user experience, offers access to an expensive library of components, and allows RESTful development.

Quantum UI

Another leading AngularJS framework in the list is Quantum UI which offers multiple server-friendly UI components and more than 60 rest services. Quantum UI is maintained and hosted by GitHub. It is based on the MVVM architecture and supports Bootstrap-oriented CSS.

A significant advantage of using Quantum UI is that it eliminates writing JavaScript that can be configured only with properties and attributes. Moreover, the different components of the Quantum UI framework are available at minimal pricing, which makes it cost-effective to use the Quantum UI framework for the front-end development of your website or web application.


We have reached the end of our discussion of the top 10 frameworks of AngularJS. With the above-mentioned AngularJS web development tools, creating a top-notch Angular-based website or web app is easy.

It is no longer a dream to build a dynamic, feature-rich, high-performant web app with AngularJS. It is now possible to achieve it, in reality, using the above-mentioned AngularJS tools.

Moreover, every framework listed above has its benefits and limitations. So, be aware of your needs before picking a framework for your website or web application.

Besides that, it will be worthwhile to invest in AngularJS development services to leverage the benefits of these AngularJS frameworks in your website or web application development.

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