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3 Free Online Alternatives of Turnitin’s Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checking is a must-have task that you should perform before submitting your work. Normally, it is thought that you should have to check for plagiarism only when you are dealing with an educational paper.

It is completely wrong because you have to check plagiarism in other content types too. You must have to check duplications and remove them even if you are working as a content writer for general topics.

The reason is you may get strikes on your work through DMCA or face other issues. Many writers think Turnitin is considered the best tool to check for plagiarism.

But it is a highly paid tool that is inaccessible to many users. That’s why we have enlisted the 3 best tools that you can use freely as alternatives for Turnitin. Let us show you a brief overview of these tools for a better understanding of their features.

3 best free alternatives of Turnitin


On the third position of our list, we have a free plagiarism-checking tool offered by This tool has been designed with a unique working algorithm.

The tool has no database which is considered the main feature of this tool. The designers have assembled this tool with the whole internet as its database. It means that there will be no document that you can say will be left behind while comparing.

That is the main reason why this tool is considered the best of all for checking plagiarism freely. Secondly, this tool has been launched with multiple data insertion options. It will enable you to input data by direct pasting, and uploading from a local disk, or cloud-based storage.

In simple words, it doesn’t matter where you have stored the file from the available options, you can upload it. Additionally, this tool will enable you to find the copied lines and get them rewritten from the same window.

To do this, you only have to click on the plagiarized line and then tap on the button “Rewrite it”. By doing this, your sentence will be rewritten to give your text a unique look. So, you can easily copy that text and use it wherever you want.


  • Multiple data insertion options
  • Advanced options like Exclude Quotes
  • Deep comparison
  • Direct rewriting


  • Limited word count
  • Advertisement banners display


Another free plagiarism checker is offered by The platform is offering multiple reliable and fast working tools. One of those tools is its plagiarism checker which can compare your text with billions of web pages available online.

You can use this tool with a simple click just after inserting the text. To do this, you can use the direct content pasting keys of your keyboard or upload a file from your device. Yes, this tool supports multiple file formats that you can upload from your document.

Along with this, the tool has been designed with advanced features in the result preview section. For instance, this tool enables you to get the readability score of your inserted text.

In this way, you can easily check whether your content is readable or need improvements. Along with this, you don’t need to sign up with this platform for using this tool. You only have to insert the text and click on the Check Plagiarism button.

The tool will not take more than a few minutes to compare your text and share the report. So, you can easily get to know about copied lines and rewrite them to make them unique.


  • Advanced Features
  • One-click working
  • Direct Comparison button
  • Supports multiple files format


  • Limited word count


When it comes to choosing a free plagiarism checker, no tool can be better than this one. This plagiarism checker has multiple features that will enable a writer to get a duplication report, analyze it, and work accordingly to remove plagiarism.

First of all, this tool has an extensive word count limit which is 2000 words. It means that you can check plagiarism in 2000 words in a single turn with this tool. You don’t need to split a long-form blog having this word count.

Secondly, this tool enables you to compare your text with almost every published document. The tool has an algorithm to perform a deep comparison for generating an accurate report. Thirdly, it will enable you to get a clear preview of the unique and plagiarized text.

The tool will give you a preview of the plagiarism report in a sentence-by sentence format. So, it will be simple for you to scroll down the page and have a look at copied lines. You can also get the source link from the same line or get a preview of all matched sources by switching to another tab given there.


  • Extensive word limit
  • Deep comparison
  • No registration required
  • Simple and clear preview


  • No advance options

Final Words

In the above blog, we have discussed comprehensively of 3 best free alternatives of Turnitin. Now, you don’t need to worry about extra expenses that you may have to invest in while buying this tool.

You can choose any of the above tools and check for plagiarism in your content. It will help you in making your work unique and submit your work confidently without facing any problems.

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