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30 Amazing Shortcuts on YouTube

Keyboard shortcuts make our work easy and smooth. Especially if you are a YouTuber, your input data to a computer can become very easy and faster by using the following 30 amazing shortcuts on YouTube.

30 Amazing Shortcuts on YouTube

By using keyboard instead of mouse on YouTube saves a lot of time. It helps to type faster and accurate. Instead of moving mouse from one place to another, just use single keyboard shortcut on YouTube and save time and make your workflow faster. Try the following amazing shortcuts on YouTube.

  1. K = Pause or playback the video also Spacebar
  2. L = Go forward 10 seconds or skip ahead 10 seconds
  3. J = Go back 10 seconds
  4. Right arrow key = Go forward 5 seconds
  5. Left arrow key ⟵= Go back 5 seconds
  6. Home Key = Go to the beginning of the video. Mac FN +Left arrow = Go to the beginning of the video.
  7. Up arrow ⬆ = To increase the volume
  8. Down arrow ⬇ = To decrease the volume
  9. M = Mute / Unmute video
  10. C = Turn close caption On or Off
  11. Number keys 1,2,3..9 = Move playhead to the respective percentange, for example 20% , 80%
  12. Shift + > or Shift +. = Increace speed
  13. Shift + < or Shift + , = decrease speed
  14. Period (.) = Move forward 1 frame while paused
  15. Comma (,) = Move back 1 frame while paused
  16. Shift + N = Go to the next video in playlist
  17. Shift + P = Go to the previous vidoe in playlist
  18. F = Go into full-screen mode
  19. Esc = Exit full-screen mode
  20. Ctrl + right arrow = Move to next video in playlist
  21. Ctrl + left arrow ⟵ = Move previous video in playlist
  22. Shift + Tab = Move backward in player control buttons
  23. + key = Increase captions font size when it’s turned on
  24. – key = Decrease captions font size when it’s turned on
  25. B key = Change captions background color
  26. / Key = Place text cursor in search filed to start typing
  27. Tab key = Switch between options on the screen
  28. 0 = Restart the vidoe
  29. End Key = Skip to the end
  30. Shift + Tab = Move backward in player control buttons

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Almost all of the YouTube functions can be controlled by the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above. If I have I missed any, please feel free to comment them in the comment section below.

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