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5 Steps to Clean Up the C Drive And Make Your PC Faster

In this article, we are going to show you the 5 steps to clean up the C Drive and Make your PC Faster. It’s a simple procedure but very effective and we are going to show it as fast as possible. For the process of cleaning the C Drive and deleting unwanted software or programs, we are not using any third-Party software, so you don’t need to download any tool for the process. Simply follow the steps below and clean your C drive and increase the speed of your PC.

How to Clean up the C Drive And Make Your PC Faster

Indeed, cleaning the unwanted file from your C drive will make your Windows run much faster and perform better. So let’s start.

Step #1: Cleaning

Go to the Start button > right-click on it then you will see a hidden menu> choose run from the menu,> type temp > click Ok, which open a folder, in case if it’s asking for any permission, click on Continue. You will see some files and folders, which are not important and are created only for a temporary purpose. So you can select all of them > click on shift + delete on your keyboard. Some files may be undeletable so ignore them and delete the rest.

Open the run box again and this time type in %temp% > Click Ok and another folder will appear. there are also some temporary files of your system which are not important, so, continue deleting all the files.


Open the run box> type prefetch, you will see another folder opens, and maybe it asks you for permission to access the files, in that case, click on Continue, and the files and folder will be disclosed to you. You can delete these files too as you did for the last two folders. Select all and hit shift + Delete and that’s it.


Step # 2: Recycle Bin

You might know about the Recycle Bin role on your PC, but most people are unaware of this. Whenever you delete a file by right click delete option or hitting the delete key on your keyboard, actually it will not remove the files from your computer, it will keep all the deleted files on your system’s Recycle Bin until a certain limit and the default Windows 10 Recycle Bin limit is somewhere around 50 GBs.

Indeed, you can hit the combination of Shift + Delete Key to delete files permanently from your system. But what if you forget to do this?

In fact, the Recycle Bin of your PC is using your C Drive capacity, so if you delete something without hitting the combination of Shift + Delete keys, it will eventually end up somewhere in your C drive or system drive, which will cause your system go slow. Hence, you have to clean up your system’s Recycle Bin frequently, otherwise, it will obtain a good amount of space out of your C drive. So, how can you delete all of these files from your Recycle Bin permanently and clean your system’s Recycle Bin?

There aren’t many actions require, just go to your system’s Recycle Bin and simply delete all the files from the Recycle Bin. Then check your C Drive Space and improvements after deleting files from the Recycle Bin.

Step #3: Uninstalling

There might be some unwanted or rarely using software or programs installed on your computer, which are basically installed on the C Drive of your system. By uninstalling the unwanted programs from your system, you will free up a lot of space on your PC and improve performance.

For uninstalling unwanted programs got to the Start Menu > Search uninstall, you will find the add or remove programs > Click on it, now the Windows Settings apps and features Window will be opened > Uninstall programs you don’t use by clicking on uninstall option. It’s as simple as that.


Step #4: Optimizing

To optimize your PC, go to This PC or File Explorer> go to the C drive > Right-Click > choose Properties. From there go to the Tools Tab > Click Optimize option under the Optimize and Defragment Drive Section. You will see an Optimize device window, make sure to select your C Drive from there > click on the Optimize Button once again, and you are done with optimizing, and that’s pretty much what you can do here.


Step #5: Disk Clean Up

This is the final and last step you can perform to clean up the C Drive on your PC to ensure that unwanted files are cleaned from the C Drive of your system.

To perform Disk Clean up go to the Start Menu > search disk clean up > click on Disk Clean up option > Select C Drive, it will perform a quick scan on the C Drive and show you disk clean up window. You can check every option> click on Clean up Your System Files. The system will perform a deep scan and a window disk clean up window > again select every option > Click on Ok > Delete Files. The cleanup process will take some minutes and will delete unwanted files on your system.



I hope you have cleaned up your system’s C Drive, improved your PC performance, and enhanced your system responsiveness. In addition, if you have any questions, please let us know by commenting on the comment section below.

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