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7 Important Steps to Help You Start a Vlogging Channel on YouTube

Nowadays everyone is interested in becoming a vlogger, but most find it difficult where to start from that will help to grow faster. Indeed, making a channel on YouTube for vlogging is not a difficult task as well as it’s free of cost, but when can you start a vlogging channel on YouTube and what prerequisites you need to know first are crucial things. This article will give you a good clue about the 7 important steps to help you start a Vlogging Channel on YouTube.

7 Important Steps to Help You Start a Vlogging Channel

1. Why You Want to be a Vlogger

The first and foremost thing which is very important to know the reasons why you want to start a vlogging channel. You can make a why list and write down all the reasons which should demonstrate why you want to be a vlogger. Having up to 5 strong reasons is important to have behind starting your vlogging journey, if you don’t have many reasons then it would be difficult to proceed with this journey.

2. Target a Specific Number of Videos

It’s very important to know when to stick and when to quit. At the beginning of the vlogging journey make a target for yourself. For instance target number of videos, subscribers, and views. If you achieve your target then it’s a good path for you to continue your journey, after reaching your target, you don’t see a good consequence then you might choose to quit because vlogging might not be for you. For example, you are going to make 100 videos and do your best in every video and learn from your deficiencies from every vlog. When you reach the target, based on views and subscribers then you can proceed well in vlogging if you don’t reach then vlogging may not be for you.

3. Pick 2 or 3 of Your Favorite Vloggers

This step is also very essential in the Vlogging journey. Pick 2 or 3 of your favorite Vloggers who you are doing best in Vlogging. Obviously, you don’t copy their style but you learn what you like about them. When you chose your favorite Vloggers, watch from vlog number 1 up to 100 vlogs, and after watching each vlog write down 1 or 2 lines summary of the vlog what was the basic idea of the vlog and what happened in the vlog and finally give marks out of 10. Doing so will make your life full of excitement to make a vlog.

4. Make a Boring Day Video List

Make a list of ideas that you can convert into good videos. Sometimes when nothing happens in your life, write down a list of ideas that you have and can convert them into videos. For instance, you can make a vlog about your equipment, it can be a phone, light or anything, or any memories from your life. Or your relationship with gaming or exercising or any action.

5.You Don’t Need Advanced Equipment for Vlogging at the Beginning

You don’t need to buy expensive cameras, a mic, or other equipment at the beginning of the journey. Nowadays all smartphones can record a video of good quality. When you get good revenue from your vlogging that time is perfect to spend your money on advanced equipment.

6. Style Develops Over Time

Remember you can’t make your style at the beginning of your vlog journey. You can watch your favorite vloggers and then little by little you will develop your own style. You can copy the editing style, music, and other styles of your favorite vloggers, but remember to keep your own personality in all of your vlogs.

7. Analyze Your Videos

The secret of becoming successful in the vlogging journey is to analyze your videos and try to make a better video than your previous videos, doing this will improve your style and vlogging quality better and better. Analyze your videos try to do your best in every new video and come with a term for the deficiencies that you had in your previous videos.

These were the 7 most important steps you need to know to start your vlog journey. What other important aspects you know about vlogging? Please feel free to share it with us using the comment section below.


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