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7 new features of iOS 14 that were previously available on Android

Last night, iOS 14 was introduced with many new features, some of which were previously available to Android users.

Apple unveiled its latest software achievements at WWDC 2020 last night. The operating systems iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur, WatchOS and TVOS have new features that will be good news for Apple’s ecosystem users. In the meantime, there have been some of the previously introduced new features in competing operating systems, which we’ll cover below.

1. Translate

On iOS 14, Apple unveiled a new app called Translate, which is designed for instant translation of conversations. Currently, the app can translate 11 different languages; But certainly many users are familiar with the Google Translate translation system, which started 14 years ago. Today, Google Translate can translate conversations into eight different languages. One of the features of Google’s service is that it can be used through pixelbad airbags without having to hold the phone between the parties.

2. Widgets

The home screen in the new version of iOS and iPadOS is now using widgets, so you need to be able to access more apps at the first glance. Preferably, iPhone users could only add app icons or folders to their homepages. However, widgets have been available to users on the Android operating system since 2008.

3. App Clips

The new feature of App Clips offers users a preview of the application without the need to install it. In this way, you can take advantage of a specific feature or part of the application in the shortest possible time and without having to install the full version. In 2016, Google introduced a similar service called Instant Apps so that users would not need to download the full app for minor operations such as paying for a particular service.

4. App Library

Another big change in iOS 14 is the addition of the App Library. In this section, all applications are automatically grouped into different groups and lists according to their usage and features, which will allow you to search among all applications. The App Library can be considered somewhat similar to the App Drawer list in Android, but it doesn’t have the ability to automatically sort.

5. Riding a bicycle on an Apple map

The new version of Apple’s map features the ability to display a bike path for cyclists, which also provides useful information such as the length of the track and the presence of stairs. Google Maps can’t provide information about stairs along the way; But the show’s bike path has been added to the app since 2010.

6. Picture in Picture

At last night’s event, Apple unveiled the Picture-in-Picture feature in iOS 14 to allow video content to be displayed in separate windows throughout the operating system environment. Changing the dimensions of the video player window, along with the possibility of temporarily removing it from the screen, is one of the interesting points of the image in the new version of iOS. It should not be forgotten that this advanced feature has been available to users on Android phones.

7. Wind Down mode

Another new and exciting feature of iOS is Wind Down mode, which allows users to sleep. In this way, users can set the time they want to sleep at night so that the phone can enter the Do Not Disturb mode, in addition to playing soothing music, to provide conditions for rest. Google doesn’t have a separate app for this on Android; But it is possible to determine the rest time and apply the desired settings through the Google Home application for Android users.

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