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9 Apps That Will Make College Easier

To help you explore history and even learn French, several supportive apps help you with almost any task. Thus, it shows that many apps are developed for college students in academic and general campus life. As college students across the country prepare to return to school, being equipped with the best digital apps can make a big difference in how their school year ends.

10 Apps That Will Make College Easier

1- EasyBib

Citations may be the stop of your presence in the college. But we would not let it break down your motive. EasyBib is one of the best apps for citations. This will help you to create citations in MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, or others in the required version. You can also use it to check plagiarism and grammar mistakes. The app also offers you a 3-days free trial to enjoy unlimited features and citation formats. 

2- MyWriter

If you are looking for an app that writes your essay, you can try an official application developed by — a professional essay writing service which has been working on the market for 10 years already. The app gives you a connection with an expert in your field of studies who will exceed your expectations about the assignment you will receive.

3- Duolingo

Some degrees require a particular language course to get admission. So if someone is looking to find an app to learn a language, he should warmly welcome Duolingo. Duolingojust aims to support you to learn the desired language. It offers fast and easy methods to learn or practice any language. The apps will provide you with easy-to-digest lessons, exciting stories, a by default dictionary, and list of complicated words. 

4- CliffsNotes 

Cliffsnotes is the greatest application for book summaries. It will help you strengthen the chapter you read or learn some of the symbolism in the story. Moreover, it will also offer you paid test preps and study guides related to any subject. It is compatible with Android and IOS versions. However, you can also use it online.

5- Brainscape

Brainscape is the best choice for studying and making flashcards. It will help you make your digital flashcards and study flashcards created by others for every subject. The app is available in the different pro packages as well as in the free demo. 

6- Flipd

Flipd is the best app to focus and unplug. The app will help you to see the alerts and notifications. It will provide you notification of all social media sites, including your online class siron, etc. 

7- Evernote

Evernote is the best application to make study notes. It will be a great companion to support you for your final as well semester exams. The device supports you to keep everything organized and updated at one stage. Moreover, you can also improve notes with checklists, links, attachments, audio recordings, and others. Its free version will let you sync your notes around two devices, find the text from images, and clip web pages. The pro version will allow you to sync multi-devices. 

8- TED

TED is the best app to get ideas and inspiration. You can enjoy its uses when you are in trouble finding a topic for your project. It will also offer you unique and relevant paper sources. It is easily compatible with IOS and Android versions. 

9- HouseParty

It is one of the latest apps to support students in their studies. The app permits the students to video chat as a group to study or discuss their questions related to their tasks. You can use it on Android and IOS versions. You will enjoy its unbelievable audio and video quality. Moreover, it has also updated its latest features based on the latest requirements. Now, iPhone users “an “facetime” their corresponding Android item without connecting. 


All these apps will make everything simple for you to become a brilliant college student. Regardless of these, thousands of apps can support you with your assignments, research papers, etc. We have also picked up some of these. All these apps are available at affordable prices and even with free versions.

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