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A new version of Apple’s tvOS has been introduced

The new version of Apple’s tvOS hosts image-to-image capability and has undergone some visual changes. In the new version, this operating system supports smart home devices in a better way.

Hours before the World Conference of Developers called WWDC 2020, Apple announced plans to bring a variety of new features to the tvOS platform. In the new version of tvOS, we see better support for Apple’s HomeKit platform accessories, new image-to-image capability, and of course support for Microsoft’s Elite 2 controller and Xbox One Adaptive controller.

The new version of the tvOS operating system also allows users to take direct control of HomeKit platform accessories through the new user interface of the Control Center. The control center added to tvOS has many similarities to similar menus on iOS and iPadOS. As part of this new user interface, Apple has added support for multiple users to Apple TV. Apple says the debugging feature will only be used to continue playing Apple Arcade; However, it is likely that more multitasking capabilities will come to tvOS in the future.

The new tvOS has seen several minor upgrades. In this system, for example, audio content agents are better shared with AirPads series Togoshi headphones. IOS Photos app also allows you to stream video at up to 4K resolution. Many of the improvements made to Home and HomeKit aren’t going to be limited to Apple TV. For example, face recognition is set to be added to security cameras compatible with this feature on the HomeKit platform.

In addition, Home will be able to announce the audience’s name through the HomePad speaker. The Home app now supports smart bulbs in a variety of colors. Home can match the color of smart bulbs with the color of the environment. You can also use Home to change the brightness of the lamps during the day by changing the lighting conditions. In addition, new features have been added to the control center, thanks to which special devices can be activated directly through this section. Earlier, users had to enter a separate menu to activate the devices. The HomePad speaker, which is based on tvOS, is set to see an important update. Accordingly, HomePad is equipped with support for a variety of music services. Apple has not yet announced the names of these services.


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