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Apple Introduced iOS 14 with Extraordinary new Features

IOS 14 is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which has improved its user interface, hosted new features and improved the performance of iPhones in some ways.

Every year, Apple introduces a variety of products and services to keep its numerous users satisfied around the world. One of the most controversial and important conferences of Apple during each year is undoubtedly the World Conference of Developers, or WWDC, which focuses on software every year. Apple has unveiled a new version of its operating systems during WWDC in recent years, and this year’s conference is no exception.

So far, we’ve heard a lot of rumors about Apple’s next mobile operating system. At first, the revelation of the new version of the operating system seemed strange to us, until it was finally revealed that the original version of Apple’s mobile operating system had been available to some people for months. However, expectations were finally met, and Apple officially unveiled the Apple iOS 14 operating system for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The new version of iOS hosts several special features to improve the user experience of iPhones. This version has also undergone some changes in terms of appearance. It was initially expected that a new version of Iowas would be introduced called the iPhoneOS, but this did not happen in the end.

In Apple’s iOS 14, we see a new feature called App Library, which takes steps to organize applications on the device. Applications are automatically organized in the library app, so you don’t have to hold the icon of all apps on the home screen. The new iOS also hosts a new feature for displaying apps listings. In this operating system, applications can be sorted based on various criteria such as their usage pattern and more.

As we have long heard of the disclosure of information, iOS 14 has hosted new widgets that can be added to the Home screen. New iOS widgets contain more data and are available in a variety of dimensions.

It is possible to access the widgets in question via Today View, but as we mentioned, the widgets can be removed from the Today View page and entered to the main page. By adding widgets to the home page, apps automatically change location to make room for widgets. The user accesses the widgets via the Widget Gallery. In this part of the operating system, the user can bring widgets to the main page in any dimension he likes.

Another important point about iOS 14 is that it supports Picture in Picture mode, which users have long wanted to add to iTunes. This feature in iOS 14 is very similar to the experience provided by iPads. Apple is also announcing the launch of Siri. In the new update, Siri’s user interface has improved and, unlike before, does not cover the entire page.


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