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How to Change Your Cell Phone into a Learning Tool – 10 Tips

Mobile phones were once known as a disturbance and the source or mean of cheating In a school. And it is true therefore, researchers have proved that mobile phones are used as a learning tool too. But they have proved that using it in a better way can result in a better learning outcomes. Mobile phones have replaced books in our lives so much that they are now everywhere with us. Smartphones have many uses as reading articles, writing, and submitting our assignments are all done by the help of this cell phones that we have. But innovative people look at mobile phones in a different way. They look at it not just as the way of communicating with others in fact, as a tool that helps every student in learning better. Today’s mobile phones recommend endless tools for higher education for students who really want to learn better at home too. The research shows that when students are only concentrating on their studies then if they are using a mobile phone is not a distraction at all. In fact, it is a helpful and useful tool for learning. It even provides students different tools to help them study in a better way. Mobile phones have changed the way of gaining information about different subjects and their learning process. In addition, it helps us communicate with each other, mobile phones can also be a very useful and helpful tool in learning and continuing our education. Therefore, we have brought you some 10 tips on how to change your cell phone into a learning tool for better outcomes. Here are what you should do to make your cell phone a learning tool for yourself. Let’s have a quick glance at all of them step by step as follow:

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How to Change Your Cell Phone into a Learning Tool

1. Be connected with your homework

With the help of an internet connection, you can access your mobile phone anywhere you want. So if you want to complete your assignments on your cell phone where ever you are, then get some help from your smartphone. With the help of your cell phone, you even don’t need to complete your assignments only by writing on-page instead you can get connected with it whenever and wherever you are. At that time, your smartphone will help you to get tension free while learning anything. This is how you can use your smartphone as a means of your studies or learning process. Another great thing is that you can save all your assignments on your cell phone and when it is in need, then you can easily access whatever assignment your teacher wants from you.

2. Record the lectures of your professor

Do you have difficulty while writing down notes and at the same time paying attention to what your professor is giving a lecture about? If yes, then why don’t you use your cell phone for the purpose of solving this problem? There is where you should take out your smartphone and start recording your professor’s lectures and then listen to it very full concentration later at home so that you don’t miss anything from the lectures your teacher gives. And then it will help you in examination days too. With the help of your cell phone, you will be free from writing down your notes and listening to your teacher for almost 2-3 hours. Take out your smartphone and make it a tool for your better learning.

3. Use varying applications in your cell phone

Another best way to make your smartphone a tool for your learning is by using the applications from it. For instance: you can use the Dropbox app to save your all files including your homework, projects, and your documents in it and get access to them whenever and wherever you want to. Or Mathway app to help you solve your mathematical problems easily. This all can only be possible when you download them on your smartphone and then start using them if you want to make your cell phone your best teacher or guider. Smartphones give you the opportunity of going with the flow of your study and help you make your learning easier.

4. Listen to different podcasts

By the help of smartphones now the way of conveying ideas and information has also been changed. You can find different sources for getting better information about your assignments or can listen to podcasts to help you do your homework easily just by listening to it. Podcasts have become highly trending in today’s era because you can find podcasts on different topics and the interesting thing is that you can get inspired by listening to them. You can find podcasts on different topics from health to technology and technology to science are found the most. With the help of them not only you listen but can learn from it too.

5. Make your presentation by the help of your smartphone

Nowadays making presentations in school or university have become so trending that every student wants to surpass in making it. So for making a presentation, you need to use your smartphone for it. If you are willing to get help from your cell phone as a learning tool then why don’t you use it for making your presentation way effective for your professor.

6. Keep track of your school projects

For not forgetting the date, day, and time of your projects, you have to use your smartphone for it. You must circle the dates in the calendar of your cell phone so that you should not forget about them. Keeping your calendar on your mobile phone’s screen can remind you of your upcoming assignments, projects, meetings, or any other event. Being aware of what is coming up will help you prepare yourself for it thoroughly and don’t fail passing it. Especially if you are a student of a school, then you have to use your mobile phone as a learning tool.

7. Download reading app in your smartphone

Apart from other applications, as a student, you have to read books in order to get new information about your assignments or whatsoever it is. Therefore, in your smartphone, there must be a reading application downloaded. If you want your smartphone to be a tool for your better learning then another thing which is very important for scoring good grade is reading a lot. Therefore, read books and have the application on your smartphone. Or if you want to study your school books wherever you go, then have your smartphone with yourself everywhere you go. It is portable and can help you prepare your exam quickly wherever you are. That’s why smartphones are considered to be a better tool for guiding students. Check:

8. Set a reminder

Do you have a problem focusing on your assignments, whether it is for your business, school work or home? Don’t worry anymore because your smartphone can help you solve this problem easily. You just need a reminder for yourself to make you remember what and when to do you’re which work. It simply makes a schedule for you. Your smartphone can help you do each task on time just by setting a reminder for yourself. Set timer for a short period of time for your important task. If the timer goes off, then take a break or go for your other task. With setting a timer, you can concentrate on your work and can manage your every task in a better way easily.

9. Have a dictionary application in your smartphone

Do you get stuck with some difficult words while reading or doing your assignments? If yes, then download a dictionary app on your cell phone so that you can learn new words, synonyms and can do your homework without any problem. Another thing that can make students learning easily is the apps that should be downloaded on their mobile phones. And one of them is a dictionary app that proves that your smartphone can be a better tool to help you concentrate on your studies better. These all apps change your mobile phone into a learning tool forever. In today’s era, students spend plenty of time on their smartphones therefore, studying in Phone is not a bad idea at all. In fact, it helps students understand way quicker than reading boring textbooks repeatedly.

10. Contact your professor

Whether you have a question, an assignment, or a test, then there comes a time when you need help from your teacher. At that time, your smartphone can help you be in contact with your professor for help. You can call, email, or text him only with the help of your smartphone. Otherwise, nothing else will be beneficial for you at that moment. As in ancient times before the invention of smartphones, every student was supposed to struggle with their studies and had to face many difficulties. But in today’s era, everything has become under the control of this smartphone which is available everywhere with us. Therefore, it has made a great position for itself in everyone’s work and study life. That’s why nothing is possible without using it. And another interesting thing is that it has become a good guider or teacher for us. If you are a student, then this smartphone is not only invented for being the source or meaning of cheating in fact, for being the tool to help students study and learn better. Cell phones have made the learning process easier than ever for students. It helps you become a lifetime learner and stick to your work. What else do you think about the tricks of smartphones? What else have I missed to mention in the article? Can cell phones be proved a better learning tool? Can it replace the books? Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below. Also Read:

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