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How to Install Android Q Beta 3 on Your Phone

The Android Q Beta is now available on more devices than ever before with some amazing new features. It is available on all the Pixel phones and 21 other various devices. Sounds exciting? Yes, it is. This new version is exclusively available for developers. If you are wondering how to install Android Q Beta 3 on your Phone, continue reading. Besides, you will also discover some marvelous features in the new version down below.

What is Android Q Beta?

How to Install Android Q Beta 3
How to Install Android Q Beta 3

Every year in May, Google amazes us with some new cutting-edge technology. In May 2019, Google announced its latest version of Android Q Beta. If you wonder what Android Q Beta is, it is a pre-released software that Google provides to a group of people to test under real conditions.

With the latest updates, Google, this year, has mainly focused on three main elements:

  1. Innovation
  2. Privacy and Security
  3. digital wellbeing

By keeping our privacy and digital wellbeing their top priority, Google has come up with ways to let us take full advantage of the latest technology such as 5G, Foldable phones, on-device AI, and much more. However, the final release of Android Q Beta 3 is expected to be in the fall. Moreover, the Android Q Beta 3 is not only available for Pixels but also 21 other devices. In order to install Android Q Beta on your phone, you should have one of the following devices.

  1. Essential PH-1
  2. Asus Zenfone 5Z
  3. Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  4. HMD Global Nokia 8.1
  5. LG G8 ThinQ
  6. Oppo Reno
  7. Sony Xperia XZ3
  8. OnePlus 6T
  9. Realme 3 Pro
  10. Sony Xperia XZ3
  11. Tecno Spark 3 Pro
  12. Vivo X27
  13. Vivo NEX S
  14. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G
  15. Xiaomi Mi 9
  16. Vivo NEX A
  17. Google Pixel 3a
  18. Google Pixel 3a XL
  19. Nokia 8.1
  20. One Plus

How to Install Android Q Beta 3 on Your Phone

If you can not wait to get the latest android version, there is an easy guide down below on How to install Android Q Beta on your Android Phone.

Step 1. Back Up Your Data

It is very crucial to back up your data at first. If you do not know how to back up your data, follow these steps.

  • Open up your Settings app and navigate to Back Up and Reset. 
  • Next tap on Back Up to back up your entire data.

Also, if the Back-Up option was on beforehand, your data is already backed up on your chosen account. If it was off, you can enable the Backup. However, now it may take some time to back up your data. During the installation of Android Q Beta, if anything goes wrong, you can get your previous version of the Android and your data back.

Step 2. Enroll in the Beta

For this particular example, there are steps to install Android Q Beta on Google Pixel 3. Also, make sure your data is backed up. Because if you run into any kind of problem, you can always go back to your previous device.

If you have backed up your data, you can proceed with these steps:

  • Click here to open the Android Beta page.
  • Next, make sure you are signed in with the same Google account that is linked with your smartphone.
  • Now scroll down to find out your device out of the above 21 phones.
  • Once you find out your device, click on Get the Beta.
  • Then, check the boxes to agree with the terms and conditions. Then, click on Join Beta.
  • If you have successfully completed all the steps, you will get a prompt telling you that your device has enrolled to android Q Beta and is now part of the Android Beta Program. So, hit Ok.
  • Next head towards your Settings app, select System, then select Advanced and click on System Update. You will find your Android Q Beta update is ready.
  • Thus, hit Download and Install.

Features of Android Q Beta

Making innovation one of the main priorities, Google has given its best to bring some sort of revolution this year with Android Q Beta. So, they have tried their best to remove the bugs the previous versions of Android had. Also, they have added more features. However, it is important to remember that most of the features are still not confirmed until the final release. Nevertheless, you can expect the Android Q Beta with the following main features.

1. No Android Beam

One of the main features Android Q Beta will not have is Android Beam. In case you do not know what Android Beam is. It is a peer-to-peer data sharing method available when two devices are nearby. Hence, by placing your Android Phones nearby to share any data, is kind of useless in Android Q Beta’s latest version. Besides, there is no information whether Google is going to replace Android Beam with any other sharing method or not until the final release in Fall.

2. Support for Foldable Phones

Whether Foldable phones will be our next handy computer or not, Android Q Beta has its features ready. According to Google’s Vice president of engineering, Android Q Beta 2 has “Foldable Emulator” in Android Studio 3.5.

3. Bubble Multitasking

If you have used Facebook Messenger before, you may be well aware of the small bubbles on your screen known as chat heads. The chat head is extremely helpful when you want to continue doing your normal tasks while being active in conversation with your friend. The latest version of your Android Q will support bubbles for multitasking.

4. Dark Theme

For all those people who have been desperately waiting for an overall dark mode, it is a piece of great news. There is a dark mode for your entire system available with the Android Q Beta known as Dark theme. It will be available for your entire Android system; not for one app or two. You will be able to enable the dark theme in two different ways.

  1. In the quick settings button, there are two option: the default light theme and the dark theme.
  2. And if you turn on battery saver, the dark theme automatically turns on.

The dark theme is especially beneficial for phones with OLED screens. If you turn on the dark theme, fewer pixels will burn eventually saving your phone’s battery life. You may also be interested in How to Enable Google Chrome UI Dark Mode on Windows, Android & iOS.

5. 5G

Android Q Beta has a lot to offer you with the 5G connection. With new APIs, the applications on your phone will be able to detect user connection rate. Besides, the apps will be able to detect if your connection is being metered.

6. Privacy and Security

As I mentioned earlier that users’ privacy is Google’s main concern with the new updates, there is a lot in this section. User is now capable of opting whether they want to share their location, files, photos, and videos with the app or not. Besides, users are finally able to control how apps access their external storage with the new called Scoped Storage.

7. Live Caption

One of the several features Android Q Beta is offering is Live Caption. It means that in real time, the video and audio can easily be captioned with no internet connection.

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