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How to Install VirtualBox on Windows 11?

This post is for beginners and they will learn what is VirtualBox and How to Install VirtualBox on Windows 11. Every step is provided with the screenshot and arrows so, they should face any difficulty during the installation of VirtualBox.

VirtualBox is very powerful virtualization software that is compatible with AMD 64-bit, Intel 64-bit, and x86 processor architectures. This virtualization software is available for enterprises as well As for home users and it is published under an open-source license so anyone can use it for free without paying a single coin.

This virtual machine is so powerful that it can run on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and do not forget these Solaris. It is supporting a variety of operating systems taking from the older version of windows up to the latest version of Windows 11. The same goes for Linux and Macintosh but for Macintosh inside Windows, there are some other configurations that you need to find the codes or write the codes yourself.

However, inside Macintosh, there is not needed a single line of code basically just install the software, attach the ISO or DMG, and then install the operating system you want to test.

To download VirtualBox go to, click on the Download VirtualBox, and download the operating system that you are using.

Download VirtualBox 6.1

Read and choose the VirtualBox suited for the operating system you want to install.

Download VirtualBox For Platform

Install VirtualBox on Windows 11

Right-click on the setup and choose open, instead of right-click double click on the setup will also work.

Right-Click on VirtualBox to Install

Now you are on VirtualBox set up wizard, in this window, Oracle is explaining that you are about to install this version of the VirtualBox. Basically the version that you have downloaded, currently the the version that I am it is 6.1.22.

Welcome to the Setup Wizard

Basically, you are in the custom setup window where you can choose which feature you want for the VirtualBox and the feature you don’t want. Also in the end you can see that it is going to install the VirtualBox inside the drive C, if you want to change it just go ahead and change it to another location which you want to install it.

If I were you, I would choose to go with the default settings and Install it.

Setup the settings that you want

Here you can configure which options should appear in your computer and which option should not appear basically it is about the icon the shortcut icon. I will go the with default settings and click next.

Configure options

It is a warning regarding to the network interfaces where it is saying that the network will be reset and it will be disconnected from the network. It will be reset and you will be temporarily disconnected from the network. So, if you have something important, downloading or uploading or any other stuff that then install it another time, so it should bother that.

Install VirtualBox on Windows 11
Warning regarding to Network Interfaces

Are you ready to install VirtualBox on windows 11, if yes click install if no, go back check and review and then come back install it.

Install VirtualBox on Windows 11
Are you Read to Install VirtualBox?

During the installation you can see that a windows will popup titled as windows security. It is saying that do you want to install the Oracle corporation universal serial or no. Well, you have to choose install or Don’t install. I’m going to choose install wait until the installation is complete.

Install VirtualBox on Windows 11
Install Oracle Universal Serial Bus

Congratulations, now the VirtualBox is installed and you can simply click Finish to close the installation Wizard. There’s also a check mark button if you uncheck it it is not going to open the VirtualBox if you do not do anything and click finish it is going to open the VirtualBox after it is installed.

Install VirtualBox on Windows 11
VirtualBox is Installed

Here is the VirtualBox interface and now you can go ahead continue creating a new machine, install Windows, macOS or Linux. Whatever type of operating system you want to install then go ahead and test it without any doubt.

Install VirtualBox on Windows 11
VirtualBox Interface


Download the VirtualBox from , and follow the above step-by-step guide to install it inside your computer on windows. I do recommend you if you are using Windows download the VirtualBox using the IDM or XDM but if you are using macOS or Linux download it using the XDM.

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