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How to Strengthen Your Nails: The Ultimate Nail Care Guide

Our hands go through quite an ordeal during the day; we use them for every manual chore, and the fingernails are affected as a result. If your nails tend to break or split, this nail care guide will help you solve the issues. Learn how to make your nails stronger with science-backed tips, and enjoy healthy and strong nails.

First, make sure that everything is alright on the health front

Our fingernails are very susceptible to outer elements; exposure to water, changing weather, nail polish, and other factors affect the way our nails “behave”. However, if your nails are discolored, weak, and tend to break regularly, there could be underlying medical issues that are causing these conditions. What you need to do first, before trying nail care tips, is to see your physician. Anemia, liver issues, nutritional deficiencies, and other medical conditions could be weakening your nails.

So, the first thing on your agenda should be a visit to the doctor. If your blood tests and check-up are okay, you can move on to other things.

Try a Biotin supplement

Also known as Vitamin B7, Vitamin H, and Coenzyme R – Biotin is an important compound that promotes helps metabolize amino acids that build protein, and it promotes healthy cells division and growth, as well. Supplements that are rich in Biotin make nails stronger, so they can help with brittle and fragile nails. You can incorporate more Biotin in your diet by eating more egg yolks, yeast, sardines, salmon, sweet potato, cauliflower, seeds, and nuts. You can also take a Biotin supplement to complete deficiencies in your diet. Consult your physician about which is the best supplement for you and the concentration that you should be taking.

Take a breather from nail polish/false nails

Yes, many women love the appearance of long and manicured nails that is achieved with nail polish and/or adhesive nails. However, while false nails and nail polish may look great, the natural nails underneath them are not so great. Putting glue on your nails, removing them, and wearing false nails weakens them. Also, wearing nail polish regularly can be very damaging to your nails; nail polish and nails polish removers contain chemicals that weaken the nails. So, if you want stronger nails – give your nails a breather from time to time.

Try non-toxic nail products

If you want to make your nails look fabulous, without the added toxins, prefer more natural nail polish alternatives. Traditional nail polishes contain DPB, Formaldehyde, and Toluene, which weaken nails. These days, you can enjoy a healthier nail care routine with more natural products; you can use water-based nail polish, water-based nail remover, and products that do not contain too many chemicals. Such products are usually labeled as “3-free”, which means that they do not contain toxins, and they should be your go-to products.

Keep your nails short

One way to build up your nail strength is to trim them. Long nails are more prone to breaking, so trim your nail from time to time to make them stronger. Shorter nails have less surface area, so naturally – they break less. To prevent snags, smooth out the tips of your nails with a quality nail filer, after trimming.

Reduce exposure to water

Soaking your hands in water, or exposing them to water for long periods of time, harm both the skin and the nails. When you soak your hands in water, the water in those areas comes out, as a result, so your nails and skin become dry and cracked. If you have chores to do, use rubber gloves, or better yet – gloves with a cotton lining. That way, you can minimize exposure to water, and protect your nails.

Use a quality cuticle and nail conditioner

As part of a healthy nail care routine, you should avoid materials that are bad for you, and add on products that will do you good. The TrySprig nail care kit does just that, with its proprietary cuticle conditioner; the award-winning product is all-natural, and it contains everything your nails need to stay healthy: vitamins, minerals, seaweed extract, natural oils, and more. When you use the nail care kit, your nails will be nourished, and you will notice a difference in their thickness and sturdiness. To complete the treatment, the kit also contains a nail filer, a four-sided buffer, and replacement strips for the buffer.

Bottom line

Nail care is the key to healthy-looking and strong nails. To achieve these results, you should stick to a healthy nail care routine daily. Your first stop should be at the doctor, and once you get a clean bill of health – you can use the nail care tips that we mentioned. Heal your nail from the inside out, and take good care of the hands that do so much during each day.

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