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Installing and Configuring Active Directory Domain Services on Windows Server 2019

ADDS was introduced with Windows Server 2000 by Microsoft, And since then Microsoft has added multiple new features in it. ADDS is Box of information about the resources, hardware, software, and users are connected to the network. Users, Computers, Applications can access the repository for a variety of purposes which includes user authentication, data configuration, and more.

Administrators are using different tasks to control and manage the ADDS. All of those tasks come in the 3 following categories.

  1. Install and Configure Active Directory Domain Services.
  2. Create and Manage Active Directory Users and computers.
  3. Create and manage active directory groups and organizational units.

Before Installing the Active Directory Domain Services, Set a Static IP Address. You can configure it using PowerShell, or follow the below procedures to configure it.

Hold the Windows+ Key and R to launch Run Dialog box, type NCPA.CPL.

Opening Network Connections

Right Click on the Network Adapter> Properties and edit the IPv4. Type in an IP Address, Subnet Mask and a Default Gateway.

IPv4 Properties

Install Active Directory Domain Services Role

Open Server Manager, go to add roles and features,

  • Click Next, Next and Next.
  • Select the Active Directory Domain Services Role.

Once the Active Directory Domain Services is selected server manager will prompt letting us know which tools are going to be installed. Click Add Features and move to the next step.

Add Roles and Features

Once everything is done, hit the

  • Click Next and next.
  • After that check the box of Restart the destination server if required and click Install.

Once the Installation Process is successfully done, you will receive a blue link saying Promote this server to a domain controller.

Promote this to a Domain Controller

Here we are begging to configure the Active Directory Domain Service. Since we are configuring this server as the Domain Controller we need to create a new Forest. So, select the third one and type a domain name. I will type the Domain of, however most the Admins are recommending us to use the .local, .lab extensions. It depends on you which one you are interested to use.

Root Domain Name

We have the ability to change the forest functional level and the domain functional level to suit our environment. Since we are using the Window Server 2019 I will leave it as Default.

After that enter the DSRM Password, the DSRM Password is very important and if have an issue with logging into the server, we will boot into the DSRM and fix the error.

On the next step simply click next, even if you have not installed and DNS Server.

Hit next on the NetBIOS panel and click next.

NetBIOS Name

Well, here you can change the default locations of SYSVOL and log files. However it is recommended to leave it as default.

On Review Window, click next.

Once all the Perquisites are checked, hit enter and click install.

Checking the Perquisites

Now wait until the installation is completed, once the it is done the system will restart.

After the system is restarted, let’s go and check it out if the ADDS is installed and working fine.

To do that open the run box and type their dsa.msc and hit. This command will open the Active Directory Users and computers. If it opens it means it means it is fine.

Active Directory Users and computers


That’s all with Installing and configuring the Active Directory Domain Services on Windows Server 2019. I hope this post helped you and make sure to share it with your friends and colleagues.


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