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iPhone 12- 120 Hz Display, Bigger Battery and New Face ID

The well-known channel EverythingApplePro on YouTube has recently revealed a lot of information about the iPhone 12 family, which we will examine one by one.

If the globalization of the Corona virus doesn’t change, Apple will officially unveil its latest handsets in the iPhone 12 family later this summer. Various media outlets claim that the iPhone 12 series will be introduced in the form of four members: a 4.5-inch model with a dual camera, a 1.6-inch model with a dual camera, a 1.6-inch model with a triple camera and a 6.7-inch model. Inch with a triple camera. Models equipped with a triple camera will have a stable sensor. In addition, all phones will feature OLED display and 5G technology.

The EverythingApplePro YouTube channel, which specializes in content production for Apple products, has recently revealed new information about the iPhone 12’s family phones. EverythingApplePro has received its new information from Max Weinbeck; Weinbeck is one of the most trusted whistleblowers in the tech world, and has previously leaked accurate information about Apple products. Therefore, the probability of new disclosure information being valid is high. EverythingApplePro says it received the following information from Max Weinbeck last month.

EverythingApplePro, according to Max Weinbeck, claims that Apple plans to use its new ProMotion display with a 120 Hz refresh rate on its new iPhones, the iPhone 12 Pro and Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. According to the channel, models of the iPhone 12 that have a dual camera on the back panel are still supposed to have a 60 Hz screen.

Apparently, a month ago, Apple was unhappy with the overall performance of the 120Hz display on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, but was able to make some improvements. In fact, Apple’s engineers are working hard to bring a high-quality 120Hz display to the new Pro iPhones. It is also said that the iPhones will not have a 90 Hz screen. Apple will take advantage of the 60 or 120 Hz refresh rate.

Today, phones with a 90 or 120 Hz display can reduce the refresh rate to 60 Hz at certain times to reduce battery consumption. Apparently, Apple also intends to take such an approach on iPhones equipped with 120 Hz screen. In fact, in some parts of the interface where the need for a 120 Hz refresh rate is not felt, the refresh rate will decrease. Apple plans to rely on certain algorithms to move between 60 and 120 Hz. No such feature has been mentioned in iOS codes so far. However, we expect the relevant code to be added to this operating system soon.

According to Max Weinbeck, Apple plans to upgrade the battery capacity of the Pro iPhones to provide the power needed for the 120 Hz display. Apple engineers are trying to put the largest possible battery inside the body of the new iPhone. We haven’t heard much about the exact capacity of the iPhone’s battery, but some sources put it at 4,400 mAh. EverythingApplePro had previously stated the same number, but now it says that Apple engineers have found a way to increase the capacity, which means that the final capacity is supposed to be more than 4,400 mAh.

In addition, the new designs received by EverythingApplePro show that the iPhone 12 Pro models are supposed to have a design similar to the new generation iPhone 5s and iPad Pro. Earlier, other sources said that the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will have a flat appearance.

Max Weinbeck recently said that Apple is fully satisfied with the durability of the iPhone 12’s flat edges. Studies generally show that the iPhone 11’s family phones have sturdy glass and frames, and they’re very resistant to falling from heights. EverythingApplePro says that Apple will not only increase the durability of the iPhone 12’s glass, but also, thanks to the flat edges, the resistance of these phones (of course, only the Pro models) will be higher than before. The edges of the bed are also able to protect the glass separately.

Recently, we have heard some rumors that the new iPhones are supposed to have a Smart Connector port to allow them to charge devices. Apparently, the Smart Connector is not going to come to iPhones this year. However, we’re pretty sure that Apple will be working on turning the Smart Connector to iPhones, and that’s likely to happen next year. Using a Smart Connector makes us go little by little to the days when there are no ports on Apple iPhones. John Praser, another well-known whistleblower, has independently confirmed the allegations and announced the arrival of the Smart Connector to future iPhones.

New information suggests that the dimensions of the 1.6-inch, 4.5-inch iPhones are supposed to be much smaller than we expected. This is especially true for the regular iPhone 12 model with a 4.5-inch display; the full-screen design is said to be about the size of the iPhone SE 2020, albeit slightly larger.

Apple is trying to bring the Smart Connector to iPhones, but the Smart Connector will not be available on this year’s iPhones.

EverythingApplePro quotes John Praser as saying that Apple plans to use dark blue on the new iPhones this year. This confirms some of the previous rumors. Of course, the dark blue color is supposed to be exclusive to the Peruvian models. Apparently, this color is supposed to replace the green color in the iPhone 11 family Pro models. Apple will also make the back panel of the new Pro iPhones, such as the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, look matte; this type of fingerprint design absorbs less fingerprints and is more attractive. Given the high popularity of this design, it is natural that Apple wants to use it again.

The only thing I’m not sure about at the moment about the design of the iPhone 12 is the exact dimensions of the rear panel camera lenses. We know that this module is supposed to be bigger than the current generation, as EverythingApplePro says, the iPhone 12’s camera module will be 5mm larger than the iPhone 11 in terms of thickness and width. But at the moment we don’t know what the lenses are supposed to be. Nothing has been officially announced yet, and sources at EverythingApplePro have not commented. But we’re guessing that Apple wants to darken all the lenses on the back camera of the Pro iPhones.

As previously reported, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max, along with three rear panel lenses, will also feature a LiDAR scanner. The LED scanner looks completely dark. Apple may want to darken the camera module lenses to make them all darker. We reiterate that if this assumption is true, dark lenses will only be seen on Peruvian models. Max Weinbeck claimed last year that Apple was working to make iPhone lenses darker without compromising their performance. However, we have not heard any rumors about the addition of these lenses to this year’s iPhones. So we expect the 2021 iPhones to have darker back panel lenses.

iPhone 12

Some rumors also point to how the cameras are arranged. Some sources say that in the quad-core camera set of Pro iPhones, including the stable sensor, this sensor will be present in the upper right part. However, a new rumor released by Max Weinbeck announces the presence of a stable sensor at the bottom right of the module. Max Weinbeck also reaffirms that the iPhone 12’s notch size will be reduced. Apple has come up with the tools it needs to make the selfie camera and sensors needed by Face ID more compact in the cut. The new design has just captured the design of the iPhone 12’s cut design, which you can see here.

The iPhone 12’s Face ID is set to see some improvements over the current generation

Face ID changes aren’t meant to be limited to just the top of the screen. Apparently, the iPhone 12’s face ID is set to see some other changes as well. For example, this version of Face ID will be able to recognize the user’s face from a more limited angle of view. In fact, Facebook ID is supposed to have a wider viewing angle than the current generation.

In addition to the above, Max Weinbeck says that the new Face ID will be able to forgive various features of the user’s face, relying on a specific algorithm. In this way, the speed and accuracy of this technology will be higher. Not to mention that Apple recently registered a new patent document, according to which Facebook ID can automatically determine the horizontal or vertical layout of the display page based on the user’s status. For example, if you’re lying on your side, Facebook ID will scan your face to see how you’re using the phone, so it won’t rotate display items.

John Praser told EverythingApplePro that Apple plans to use two logic circuits in the iPhone 12 Pro models that will be connected to each other via a special cable. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Ben Gaskin is another revealer who previously claimed that Apple was using a three-layer logic circuit in the new Pro iPhones.

Various media outlets have recently reported significant changes to the iPhone Pro’s camera. It was initially rumored that the iPhones would feature a 64-megapixel sensor as the main camera. However, according to Max Weinbeck, Apple’s engineers are unhappy with the performance of the 64-megapixel sensor in some areas and have therefore decided to equip the new high-end iPhones with a 12-megapixel sensor. Weinbeck refers more precisely to the autofocus system. According to him, Apple engineers were not satisfied with the performance of Dual Pixel’s 64-megapixel autofocus autofocus.

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will not be equipped with the 64-megapixel main sensor.

Apple is said to have improved the autofocus system on new iPhones by two to three times. Achieving this goal has been achieved thanks to the increase in the size of normal sensors, the existence of a stable sensor and, of course, some software improvements. In addition, EverythingApplePro claims that the telephoto lens of the new large iPhones offers 3x optical performance. This magnification is not as large as the display of cameras with a periscope mechanism, however, it is considered an acceptable improvement over the magnification of the current iPhone 2x.

Apparently, Apple plans to use a prismatic camera with an optical magnification of five to 10 times on the iPhone 2022. In addition, the iPhone’s telephoto camera is said to be equipped with Night Mode. EverythingApplePro also says that the viewing angle of the ultra-wide lens on the iPhone 12 isn’t going to change. This lens already offers a very good viewing angle. In addition, Apple is working to improve the digital landscape. This magnification will take advantage of the A14’s chip potential. It is said that the iPhone 12 will be able to provide a digital display of 25 to 30 times. Some sources also report the addition of macro shooting mode to the camera of the new iPhones.

The iPhone 12’s camera will likely be able to offer up to 3x optical display and 30x digital display.

The new iPhone’s camera will also be able to better identify items in low-light environments. In fact, Max Weinbeck says Apple has given a special maneuver on the camera performance of the new Pro iPhones in low-light environments. The iPhone 11’s family-friendly Pro models also perform very well in low-light imaging environments, and this performance is set to be less significant in the new generation. Apparently, Apple has also greatly improved the electronic image stabilization system of the new iPhones.

Max Weinbeck also reports improved slow motion video recording in low-light environments. The large size of the sensor and the size of the pixels, along with some software improvements, contribute greatly to the excellent performance of the new iPhones in low-light environments. Long exposure capability is also set to be improved on the new iPhone Pro, a feature that will eventually lead to improved astronomical photography on the new iPhone.

The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max’s camera will also have improved white balance, especially when shooting a human face. In addition, the presence of a stable sensor will make iPhone portraits look better. It is also possible that the sensor will be able to use the bokeh video recording feature. However, Apple engineers are said to be unhappy with the iPhone 12’s portrait filming at the moment, and are likely to transfer the feature to next year’s iPhones. Of course, there’s also the possibility that Apple will bring this feature to the iPhone 12 in the next iOS 14 upgrades. Smart HDR is also available on all iPhone 12 family phones. Smart HDRs in the new iPhones are said to be able to better reduce image noise in low-light environments. In addition to the aforementioned items, the iPhone 12 series microphone is also expected to see some improvement in itself.

Max Weinbeck told EverythingApplePro last week that Apple had delayed production of a prototype of the new Pro iPhones; he said the delay was related to the camera on the back panel. In fact, Apple has yet to make a final decision on the new iPhone’s main camera. Well-known market analyst Mingchi Koo recently claimed that Apple plans to use a sensor-shift image stabilization system on the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera. In current cameras, the optical image stabilization system is placed on the lens, but in the shift sensor system, image vibrations are captured by the sensor’s own movement.

Digitimes later claimed that this feature would also come with the iPhone 12 Pro. Apparently, the super-wide camera of these iPhones is supposed to be equipped with the aforementioned vibration system. Mingchi Koo has also claimed that the shift sensor’s vibrating system will be present in two or three iPhones next year. All of this news shows that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is supposed to be a very high-end device; the latest news attributed to this phone announced that the 12 Pro Max is going to use Touch ID under the screen.

Max Weinbeck finally mentions the launch of the new iPhones. Based on this, the 4.5-inch model is equipped with a dual camera called “iPhone 12”, the 1.6-inch model is equipped with a dual camera called “iPhone 12 Plus”, the 1.6-inch model is equipped with a triple camera called “iPhone 12 Pro” and The 7.6-inch model equipped with a triple camera will be introduced and released under the name “iPhone 12 Pro Max”.



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