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What Are the Famous Boy Names That Start With H?

Are you looking out for cute baby boy names that demonstrate creativity and strength? The famous boy names that start with H are led by Henry and Harper, which are the emblems of two leading strains of H names. 

If you have recently discovered your pregnancy with a baby boy, keep hurrying as the lists are pretty huge to organize everything for your newborn! However, some of the captivating and extraordinary H names for boys are Hayes, Harold, and Harrison. 

Popular Names Starting from ‘H’ for your Baby Boy

If you are searching for traditional names, Hamza and Hamish will be the all-time favorite pick. So, CocoFinder has summed up retro risers’ names to almost everything you prefer. We have listed a few of them here.

Let’s look at the best collection of H names below:

  1. Henry

If you have ever dug deeper into history, you will know there have been 6 French Monarchs and 8 British emperors named Henry. Apart from its German origin, the name has become quite famous among American parents due to its eye-catching meaning of ‘home ruler.’ 

The popularity of the namesake rises because of the naturalist Henry David Thoreau and auto manufacturer Henry Ford. Some of the cutest nicknames derived from this original term are ‘Henri,’ ‘Henrik,’ ‘Harry,’ and ‘Enrique.’

  1. Hudson

The name ‘Hudson’ is an intrepid and winning choice for a baby boy’s name due to its meaning of ‘son of Hudde.’ This could be referring to the ‘son of Richard,’ or ‘son of Hugh.’ However, ‘Hudde’ is a chivalric pet term for both names. 

Apart from its eminence of being a great city in New York, the city was named after an explorer Henry Hudson. So, it would be a beautiful and famous baby boy’s name as the celebrity chef Curtis Stone has named their baby boy after ‘Hudson.’

  1. Hector

The name ‘Hector’ was derived from Greek mythology, but previously, it was ‘Hektor,’ which means ‘steadfast.’ So, Hector was a popular hero of the Trojan War appreciated for his courage and honor. Moreover, it was also a knight’s name who brought up King Arthur. 

Yet, in the modern days, Hector is one of the famous boy names that start with H in Spanish-speaking countries. How cute it would be when you call your munchkin ‘Hector,’ after being inspired by the name of the baseball player ‘Héctor Sánchez.’

  1. Holden

Your handsome boy might ask you if he was named after the character in ‘Catcher in the Rye’ after growing up. Since the famous characters in American literature, Holden Caufield has shown the significance of his name. 

Such a mighty name originated from British ancestry, and it means ‘deep valley.’ The celebrities like Eric McCormack chose Holden for his baby boy’s middle name. The actress Mira Sorvino named her beautiful son after this one. So, it would be undoubtedly the best choice! 

  1. Hank

‘Hank’ is a nickname of a midcentury guy of the Hal/Al school, which had been on a break from the playground for prolonged decades. Moreover, it is a leading diminutive of Henry in German, which means ‘estate ruler.’ 

Apart from its medieval history, the name ‘Hank’ has been gradually rising in popularity and revered for its sporty and remarkable characteristics. You must have heard of the worthy namesakes of Hanks Aaron and Hanks Williams! 

  1. Harlan

The name ‘Harlan’ is pretty pleasant but somewhat uninspired, but it is mainly interlinked to writers Coben and Ellison. It has been on the top 1000 names on the USA’s popularity chart and regained its eminence after 2013. 

This is due to its premium German and English origination and eye-catching meaning, ‘rocky land.’ Who does not know the college basketball announcer for radio and TV, Kevin Harlan? Your baby boy will be very delighted after knowing its significance. 

  1. Hayden

This English originated baby boy’s name, ‘Hayden’, was previously vague. It has recently gained its honor and dipped in this year’s ratings. ‘Hayden’ means fire, and that’s why your baby boy will be as sacred as fire. 

Although Hayden is one of the most distinctive collections, it vanished in the crowd of Bradens, Aidans, Jaidens, and countless varieties. If you want to measure the admiration rate compared to those monikers, it is associated with the Star Wars fame character Hayden Christensen. 

  1. Hayes

‘Hayes’ can be used as both first name and surname in English, which means ‘hedged area.’ So, every parent admires this name primarily due to its presidential pedigree. The name ‘Hayes’ has recently been opted by Jessica Alba and Kevin Costner for their sons. 

Moreover, if you want to know about the name’s popularity, check Hayes Carll, Hayes Brown, and Hayes Krause, who are the country singer, Journalist, and TikTok stars.

  1. Hezekiah

The name ‘Hezekiah’ derived from the Hebrew culture, which means ‘God gives strength.’ So, this cutest name belongs to an influential Old Testament emperor of Judah. If you are the biblical name admirer, no other name like ‘Hezekiah’ can enlighten your soul. 

However, the name has some short cutest versions, such as ‘Zeke’ or ‘Kiah.’ Your cute, lovable boy will never turn down its simplicity and importance!

  1. Harrison

The 10th number of this list includes ‘Harrison,’ which is a name made durable by Harrison Ford. It emerged from English culture and had the meaning of ‘son of Harry.’ 

So, it is progressively more famous with parents who want an H initial and classy than Hank or Harry’s formal names. 

Concluding words

All these names mentioned above are absolutely heartwarming and famous boy names that start with H. Our list of the countless pool of baby boy names is the perfect ones for your soon-to-be munchkin.

Whether you have been visiting too many sites to get some unique collections, narrowing down this list will benefit you! Among these endless alphabetical options, if your preferred initial is ‘H,’ CocoFinder’s baby naming list has all the solutions. 

Naming is far more critical for your baby boy. So, do it first!

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