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Windows 11 Hardware Requirements to Perform a clean Installation

Microsoft just announced the new Windows 11 official on the event on 24 June 2821. Windows 11 has arrived the many tons of new features which are kind of amazing and they are totally breathtaking compared to the previous versions Microsoft operating system.

Microsoft start the event with by introducing the new start menu where they start menu is located in the center and in the start menu you can basically snipping features. The snipping features is also available in every window when you are maximizing the window. This feature is definitely increasing the amount of productivity whenever you are wotking on a project.

Microsoft has redesigned the new Windows store from scratch. You can run Install and run Android Apps directly inside Windows 11 which is very impressive. The developers are working for creating an application inside Android applications can be run without any issue inside the Microsoft store. Microsoft also announced that if you are creating any applications they are not taking even 1% revenue the app.

Since the developer program session will be there at 3 a.m. there is not much info but this much is clear that Microsoft has developed the new Microsoft store which is totally amazing and badass.

Do not forget that Windows 11 will be a free upgrade to the previous versions of Windows 8, 10 you can easily upgrade them to the windows 11.

Windows 11 Hardware requirements:

A few minutes ago during a special conference, Microsoft, in addition to unveiling the latest version of the Windows operating system, also announced the minimum hardware specifications of computers to run it.

Six years after the unveiling of Windows 10, Microsoft has just updated the world’s most popular PC operating system with extensive changes. Windows 11 has undergone extensive changes to provide a better user experience in all areas.

The minimum hardware specifications required to run Windows 11 are:

  1. One GHz dual-core 64-bit processor
  2. 4 GB of RAM
  3. 64 GB of storage memory
  4. 9-inch display
  5. 1366 x 768 resolution
  6. Supports UEFI, Secure Boot and TPM 2.0
  7. Support for DirectX 12 and WWWDM 2.x

The most important change of the above list compared to Windows 10 is the 64-bit phrase in the required processor. This means deleting the 32-bit version of Windows. Of course, support for 32-bit software will continue. Another point on this list is the need for at least 9-inch screens. That way, you can no longer expect an 8-inch tablet or mini-laptop with Windows 11 operating system.

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