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GTA VI – What We Know So Far

With the release of the GTA VI trailer, it has been confirmed that Rockstar Games is ready to take you guys back to the sun-soaked streets of Vice City. In short, we now know the location, characters, and, somehow, the release year, 2025. Furthermore, the trailer also revealed the spectacular state of Leonida and something beyond the massive in the long-running series of GTA VI. If you want to learn something interesting about the trailer, here’s our in-depth trailer breakdown.

GTA VI – Everything You Should Know

GTA 6 2

Although Rockstar Games had some other plans, the leaked trailer version of the long-awaited GTA VI, which would be live after 15 hours, forced them to release it earlier than planned. This means players from around the world might have missed a few things. However, to get insight into the trailer, we’ve watched it several times and compiled a list of 10 things you might have missed.

Meet Lucia (Female Protagonist), Male Character is Unnamed

GTA 6 protagonist

GTA V was released with three protagonists, but in GTA VI, there are only two characters, including a Female Character (Lucia). She has a criminal past and is introduced in a prison uniform as you play the trailer. A man character wasn’t named yet, but in the leaked trailer version, you can see his name as Jason.

Introduction of Different Vehicles

Indeed, everyone prefers playing GTA because of its vast range of vehicles. Players enjoy stealing and joyriding in it, but you would be excited to know what we will share with you. After watching the trailer, we can confirm that there are lots of vehicles, including:

  • Speed Boats
  • Jumbo Jets
  • Trucks
  • Jet Skis
  • Biplanes
  • Hover Boats
  • and more traditional cars.

Participate in fun-filled Activities.

As of GTA V, there would be similar activities to participate in, but players are expecting something extra like other bobbies aside from being a criminal. Fortunately, there are more jobs other than stealing a car, and it features car meet-ups, strip clubs to join, host pool parties, and more.

Base Jumping

Indeed, you would be familiar with the base-jumping feature introduced to GTA V. After watching the trailer; we can say that the base-jumping feature might be returning because we discovered a massive radio tower and a giant antenna.

Animals – From Dogs to Alligators

Many new wildlife are introduced, ranging from dogs to alligators. When you watch the trailer, you can see a dog on the beach and a man pulling a massive alligator out of the pool. Besides, sharks and dolphins also appear, proving that GTA VI could have an enormous range of wildlife animals.

Introduction of Social Media

Although the use of technology was started back in the 2013 GTA V release by offering rips-off of X (formerly known as twitter) and Facebook – Bleeter and Lifeinvader, respectively, it seems this time the game is going to be introduced a TikTok-esque.

GTA VI Release Date Speculation

Rockstar Games confirmed they are releasing GTA VI somewhere in 2025. This news was released during the trailer’s launch; however, no further clarification has been made yet. This news puts GTA VI fans in anxiety that the game won’t run at 60fps on gaming consoles. Furthermore, there’s good news that the game might be released for consoles first, and it might take a year to land on PC.

PS5 Pro won’t Run GTA VI at 60 FPS

You might be shocked that the tech experts have also leaked and added PS5 pro specs at Digital Foundry. They also predicted how GTA VI would be treated on this unannounced console. The console is expected to be revealed during the fourth quarter of this year, which IGN has confirmed. Furthermore, no changes were made to the CPU, except that it will run in high-frequency mode.

Moreover, the introduced GPU will enable the console’s fast rendering to deliver high-quality ray tracing powered by 33.5 teraflops.


GTA VI is still behind the curtain, and it may take over a year to release it. Since we have lots of time to learn what’s coming up with it, stay tuned with us to get exciting news.

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