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New Laptop Users Often Forget To Buy These 5 Important Things While Buying A New Laptop

What happens when your brand new, shiny laptop isn’t as great as it seemed when you bought it? What if you find it out it can’t do the one thing you needed it for? Laptops are truly the pinnacle of technological and software development, a perfect compromise between a computer and a mobile phone. On paper, laptops seem like the perfect, all-in-one solution to all our gadget-related woes. However, the reality is completely different.

Every laptop has some deficiencies, something that we don’t like, some features that could be improved, and some knick-knacks that could be added. Is your laptop too slow? Does Malware get in too easily? Is it kind of difficult to carry around?

After all, what fun is it to have our own personal machine that we can’t customize according to our desires? Laptops come with a whole range of fun, useful, mind-blowing accessories. You may be confused- What add-on do I really need? What is unnecessary, a bit too much? What’s going to help me do what I do, but better? For starters, you definitely need laptop insurance, in case it’s ever stolen or damaged. A laptop insurance policy helps you financially cover your device in case of theft or any other damage caused to your laptop. Barring that, here are some must-have accessories new laptop owners should purchase.

5 Important Things While Buying A New Laptop

1.  USB Docking Station

With the onset of the pandemic, nearly half of the office employees have started working from home. Well, having just a simple laptop can make official work a bit slow and difficult. This is where a USB Docking Station comes in. A Universal Docking station essentially allows you to use the same machine both at home and in the workplace.

Instead of connecting, and disconnecting a multitude of wires and equipment, you can simply place your laptop at the docking station, thus converting it into a desktop. It allows you to connect your laptop to other monitors, LANS, internet, printers, and many, many other things, thus allowing you to turn your home laptop into a work desk.

Nowadays, Laptops come with a simple USB-C port, allowing you to connect all your desktop equipment into one, simple port. This is a crucial piece of equipment if you seek to efficiently work from home.

2.  External CD/DVD Drive

Several years ago, the powers that be suddenly decided to make laptops slimmer and slimmer. As we moved into the ago pen drives and hard discs, the roles of CDs and DVDs slowly faded away. Nowadays, most laptops come without CD/DVD drives. Kind of ridiculous isn’t it? What if you want to burn an old CD? What if you have an old collection of DVDs you need to break into? Are you into gaming? Heck, you may be the one odd duck that has their work data stored in a CD.

Well, fear not, as you can simply rectify this oversight by purchasing an External CD Drive. These are connected to laptops via USB ports and can be used anytime to go through whichever old Disc your heart desires.

3.  Wireless Mouse

This one might be a favorite amongst gamers, or the occasional disgruntled laptop user tired of a laptop touchpad. It may seem a bit redundant, to go back to a device that was removed when a laptop was created.

However, a mouse is way easier to use. It increases efficiency and productivity. If you’re into gaming, and all you’ve got is your laptop, then a wireless mouse is the perfect accessory for you. Some research even says a mouse is good for reducing strain on your neck and arm muscles! Long story short, make life easier, and invest in a wireless mouse!

4.  A Good Laptop Bag

This may seem a little silly, but do hear us out. A good laptop bag has to meet a whole bunch of requirements. First of all, it should be able to accommodate a large 17-inch laptop. It should come with several organized compartments of different sizes that allow us to shove our belongings away in it safely. Moreover, it should be made of water-proof and puncture-proof material, preferable. Lastly, a good laptop bag should have an efficient anti-theft build. See? A good Laptop bag isn’t so easy to come by. Next time, make sure you get the best laptop bag possible.

5.  Webcams

Most laptops have pretty horrendous webcams. These webcams have terrible coloring and picture quality. If you’re someone who makes regular use of a webcam and desires quality, a good external webcam will serve you a lot better than your laptop’s built-in camera.


The list doesn’t end here. There are plenty of devices you could choose to buy and customize your laptop with. Customizing and upgrading your machine is almost an art form, with the final product being far more efficient and useful than what you began with.

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