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Best URL Shortening Services in 2022

URL shortening is a technique that is used to shorten long URLs on the world wide web. Then, the shortened URLs are used to reach the same original location. Google URL shortener was undoubtedly the best URL shortening service. However, since it was closed a few years ago, we have been trying to find the best alternative service. In the article below, we have listed the 5 best URL shortening services after thorough research to find the best. Nevertheless, the best URL shortening service depends upon your needs and wants, Thus, you can read the article below thoroughly to find what suits you best.

What is a URL Shortner?

A URL shortener is an amazing tool that helps you shorten any Long URL into a short and aesthetic URL. The shorter URL will take you to the same URL as the longer and the original one would do. Besides, some URL shorteners also provide features such s retargeting, analytics, UTM parameter support to help you track the URL and manipulate it.

Best URL Shortening Services in 2022

In this post, we have collected the 5 best URL shortening services in 2022 to help not only shorten a URL but also track and manipulate things around. In this list, there are some free and some paid URL shortening services so that you can select the best one for you.

1. Bitly

It is a free URL shortening service. It is one of the most popular and powerful tools to help you shorten URLs for freelancers and small or mid-sized business owners. In the free version, URLs are shortened and domain name is added. However, if you do not want the domain name, you can get the premium version is $35 per month. You can also choose to pay yearly and you will get to pay $29 only.

Bitly has a lot of features including link targeting and tacking individual links. Besides, you can also analyze links on the dashboard or measure your marketing campaign performance.


Bitly’s most popular features are given below.

  • Add custom domain
  • Audience intelligence
  • analytics dashboard
  • URL targeting
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Integration with TweetDeck and Zapier
  • Responsive
  • Custom URL

2. TinyURL

This 100% free URL shortener is best for anonymous use. The best thing about TinyURL is that you can also customize the string of the shortened URL for free. For instance, instead of, you can create something random like

Besides, there is no need to make an account to use TinyURL because you can use it anonymously. However, some cons of TinyURL are it does not provide any analytics to track the shortened URL or any other advanced features. But is best if and only you want to shorten any URL.


TinyURL’s most popular features are given below.

  • Fast redirection
  • Easy to use
  • Customize the shortened URL
  • Anonymous usage

3. Rebrandly

It is a popular URL shortening service that has tons of features. You can use Rebrandly to create custom short URLs that are easy to remember. Besides, with Rebrandly, you can not only create short URLs but also share them around various social media platforms. And track your custom URL with Rebrandly’s tracking features.

Moreover, with Rebrandly, you can create workspace and teammates. Therefore, it is one of the best URL shortening services for teams. Initially, Rebradnly offers a limited free plan that features a maximum of 500 links and 5,000 clicks monthly. But it has various paid plans including:

  • Starter plan  for $29
  • Pro plan for $69
  • The premium plan for $499
  • And lastly,  you will have to talk to sales to get the enterprise plan.


Rebrandly’s most popular features are given below.

  • Bulk link creation
  • Emojis on short links
  • Click tracking
  • Rapid auto-scaling servers
  • Private reporting
  • API access
  • UTM parameters
  • 100+ app integrations
  • GDPR-compatible

4. T2M

One of our favorite URL shortening services is the T2M URL shortening service which offers tons of features. T2M’s most popular features are its tracking system and its automatic QR code generating feature. Besides, it offers two different dashboards to track your shortened URLs. The first one is for location analytics and the second one is for platform or device so that you can easily track how well your shortened URL performs.

Moreover, T2M offers a single-user server response for faster redirection to the destination URL. T2M offers time free service for URL shortening. Then, you can get the paid service at different prices. With paid service, T2M offers various advanced features so that you can create advanced URLs including a vanity URL or a password-protected URL for sensitive cases. The premium plans are given below.

  • The standard plan for $9.99 per month
  • Pro plan for $29.99 per month
  • The premium plan for $89.99 per month
  • And lastly, for the dedicated plan, you will have to talk to the sales.


T2M’s most popular features are given below.

  • Personalized short URLs
  • One-click domain mapping
  • No spam policy
  • Full-scale analytics
  • Bulk URL creation
  • No-expiry URL
  • Unlimited API
  • CSV Import
  • Auto-generated QR code
  • Dedicated instance

5. is a specific feature offered by Hootsuite which is a well-known social media management tool. It lets you shorten URLs which you can then use around any social media platform. You can access from the dashboard of Hootsuite to shorten URLs. Then, you can track them on the same dashboard.

Since is a feature of Hootsuite, you will have to make an account at Hootsuite to use Besides, you can get on both free and premium plans. So, you do not need to pay separately.


  • Demonstrate social ROI
  • URL Performance metrics
  • Mobile platform supportive
  • Trackable short links
  • Link retargeting
  • Rank monitoring

Wrapping Up!

So that is for best URL shortening services out there to create short and aesthetic URLs. Then, tracks and analyzes the shortened URLs and their performance. If you have any other URL shortening service in mind, let us know down below.

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