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C Family Languages: What’s the Difference?

The history of the C family programming languages started in 1978 when Dennis Ritchie released his invention. From that time, the era of C programming languages began, which play an important role in the IT field to this day. 

Every programmer, even a beginner, has heard of the C programming language. However, not everyone understands the difference and system of division of C-family languages. Therefore, it is not surprising if you get confused because the C-family includes such programming languages as C, Objective C, C++, and C#. All these programming languages seem to be improved versions of the initial C, but this is a false assumption.

Each programming language is unique and has specific features suitable for different projects.  Whether a programming language is older or newer doesn’t make it worse or better. Each C programming language has its purpose and audience. Therefore, different programming languages are suitable for varying levels of programmers. However, don`t worry, because this article will tell you the main differences between C programming languages and which is better for you.

The Key Differences Between C, C++, and C#?

C and C++ are very similar programming languages at first sight, but some differences remain. At the same time, C# has almost nothing in common with C and C ++ and is more similar to Java. 

First of all, C++ is an object-oriented programming language that supports polymorphism and inheritance, while C does not have such functions. If you compare C++ and C#, the last one is component-oriented, while the first is an object-oriented language. Also, unlike C#, C can create stand-alone apps, while C# focuses on mobile apps, consoles, and Windows. We will tell you more about the differences between all programming languages below.

C Family Languages

C Programming Language

C language is one of the oldest programming languages, but it is still in big demand. The C programming language can be considered the mother of most modern programming languages, as they were inspired by it. C first saw the light in 1978. Nowadays, C language is the most popular among newbies, as it is pretty clear. Generally, the C programming language is efficient, simple, easy to use, and flexible. 

C language was initially designed to build Unix, but it is also an excellent tool for operating-systems development. 

C language can be used in creating various projects:

  • Graphics
  • IoT applications
  • Games
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Operating systems and programs 

C language has lots of advantages: a big set of libraries, built-in operators, and flexibility. Besides, a programming language can boast a high level of security.

C is the best programming language for you if:

  • You don’t have many skills in programming 
  • You need language suitable for various purposes
  • You work on projects that require high-security measures

C language is the first step for the ones who want to master C++ and C#. What is best is that the programming language is quite easy to learn; that is why it is considered the best for beginners.

C++ Programming Language

C Family Languages

C++ language is an extended version of the initial C. Although C++ is based on C, it is considered an intermediate-level language because it has many advanced features and tools. C++ came about in 1985 and became as popular as the original C. C++ has become a popular development tool because it is more object-oriented and preserves the speed and flexibility of its ancestor. Besides, C++ can run almost all the codes created with the help of C. The extension of C can also be used in PC software development.

It will be more difficult for you to master C++ if you already have knowledge and skills in using C. However, if you want to go straight to object-oriented programming, you can start learning C++ right away.

C# Programming Language

C Family Languages

The modern and new C#, pronounced “C Sharp,” runs on Microsoft. The C# was developed in 2002. C# is the newest member of the C languages family. This programming language is also object-oriented but is more technically complicated. C# absorbed all the best qualities of C and C++ languages and added advanced tools. For example, C# possesses automatic memory management and bound safety. 

Moreover, the programming language has less error-prone syntax. As a result, C # is most often used for games development, web-based, and enterprise apps.

Choose C # programming language if you:

  • Work mostly with Windows
  • Are mainly concentrated on web-based projects
  • Your main niche is a games development

C# is the most suitable for experienced programmers. Although it has less in common with C and C++, it is still widely spread among programmers.

Which Programming Language Should I Choose?

C Family Languages

Each programming language has a different level of difficulty, ranging from beginner to professional. Therefore, we will remind you which programming language you should choose.


Learning the C language at the start will be easier for you and help you in the future.  Knowing the C programming language, you will be able to learn new, more modern languages more easily. For example, if you start studying programming languages with C ++, you will likely need C++ programming help.

Intermediate Level 

If you know the basics of programming or even know other programming languages, you’d better pay attention to C++. Object-oriented programming languages, like C++, are more widespread and open up more possibilities.


Programmers who have experience working with different programming languages can choose one of three languages. However, the choice of experienced programmers should depend on their problems because each programming language offers special opportunities.

Final Words

Each type of programming has its purpose and is necessary for use in different projects. For example, C is used for system software development, while C# is much better for application software development. In addition, you need to remember that some programming languages ​​have more features, or on the contrary, they lack features that other programming languages ​​have. You need to choose the programming language to learn that best suits your programming level.  You better not start learning programming with C# if you are a beginner.

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