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How to Get Started in Your Coding Journey With 4Geeks?

If you want to start your programming career, then learning at the right place is quite important. You need to choose an excellent coding bootcamp that can cater to all your needs. According to reputed sources, 4Geeks is an excellent choice to kickstart your programming career and have a guaranteed job. We will guide you on how to get started with 4Geeks Academy.

How 4Geeks Academy different from other online bootcamps?


You might not believe this, but 4Geeks is among the top in offering scholarships. With over 20 million dollars awarded in scholarships, 4Geeks is closing the financial obstacle many talented individuals face. They have realized that many aspiring individuals cannot have high-quality education due to financial obstacles, so 4Geeks is trying its best to remove inequality for a brighter future.

Guarantee jobs

At 4Geeks, you are guaranteed to have a job. If 4Geeks graduates can’t get a job within the first 180 days of their graduation, they will be offered a job or a refund. This shows the amount of commitment and dedication 4Geeks has toward their graduates’ careers. This boosts the graduate’s confidence and guarantees their career to be a successful programmer.

Impressive Results

4Geeks has an impressive track record which other bootcamps dream of. As said earlier, they have made sure that their graduates are guaranteed to have a job. So it makes an 84% job placement rate for over 4000 graduates possible. Very few bootcamps have achieved such impressive feats. This is why reputed sources such as Course Report and SwitchUp have placed 4Geeks among the top 35 bootcamps for learning coding.  This should clarify that their alums have very successful lives, and you can do that too by being a 4Geeks graduate.

Diverse Code Offerings:

4Geeks Academy has a wide range of code offerings and courses to cater to the needs of the diverse interests of their graduates. Their main code offerings that are suitable for most are their premium code offerings. Their premium code offerings include the Full Stack Developer code to Data Science Bootcamp to their Machine Learning Engineer bootcamp. The bootcamps are designed to make their students capable of handling all sorts of real-life situations. They teach them all the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their field.

How do you get started with 4Geeks Academy?

4Geeks has made sure to make their application as simple as possible so that you don’t have to deal with any unnecessary hassle. This saves your time and makes sure you don’t provide any misinformation. Here are the steps to start your 4Geeks journey:

Step 1: Complete the Application Form

The first thing you need to do is to fill out a simple application form. This form will cover all the necessary information about yourself and your needs. This will also cover which location and campus you want to join. Optionally you can provide a referral if you want.

Step 2: Schedule a Phone Call

You will get an email from 4Geeks Academy sometime after you’ve submitted your application. The email will provide you with all the instructions to schedule a phone call. In this phone call, you will be able to discuss all the important things concerning your application. 

Step 3: Attend an Interview and Campus Visit

You will have the opportunity to attend an interview after the phone call. You will have the option to visit the campus to meet the staff. This staff will teach you all the basic knowledge and other information about the campus.

Step 4: Receive Program Information

If you are accepted, then you will receive all the information about your selected program. This will cover all essential things about the program details, such as campus details, payment plans, etc.

Step 5: Discuss Payment Options

Please be careful when selecting your payment plan since it will affect how much you will pay in a certain amount of time. 4Geeks allows a loan financing option or an income share agreement option. If you are considering either, you need to consult with 4Geeks Academy’s financial staff to see if you are eligible. They will also see what other options you can take.

Step 6: Learn About Mentorship and Career Prospects

During the admission process, you learn about all the future careers. You can have mentorship opportunities you will get while studying at 4Geeks Academy. You will also gain valuable knowledge about your syllabus to prepare you for the upcoming studies.

Prepare for 4Geeks Academy

Bootcamp Prework: You must complete pre-work on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. This pre-work will be around 60 hours.

Practice: As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” You will participate in many exercises on Programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, etc., to improve your current skill.

Conduct Research: Explore the subject matter of the bootcamp to gain a deeper understanding. Additionally, research 4Geeks Academy to learn about the bootcamp’s structure, syllabus, and expectations.

Conduct Research: You will get to research each subject’s syllabus to understand each topic well.

Payment option for starting 4 Geeks Academy

 4Geeks Academy Tuition: 

  • Full-time courses start at $9,499
  • Part-time courses start at $13,499
  • Prices may vary depending on the application timing and location
  • Tuition is determined based on the quality of education and job placement opportunities

4Geeks Academy Financing and Payment Options:

Upfront Payment

  •       You can pay the total amount at the beginning of the course.
  •       Paying upfront will include discounts.

Loan Financing:

  •       You can pay tuition fees with a loan.
  •       Partnerships with loan providers like Climb Credit, Skills Fund, Quotanda, and Student Finance

Income Share Agreement (ISA): Available for full-time students

  •       Learn first and pay later.
  •       Pay a percentage of your income once employed in the field.


  •       Pay a deposit and the remaining tuition in installments.
  •        Payment options include credit, deposit, wire transfer, Zelle, and debit.
  •       Provides flexibility in managing tuition expenses

Final words

 4Geeks Academy is an excellent choice to start your coding career. It is among the top online coding bootcamps and is affordable, with a wide range of payment plans. With a straightforward admission process, you can join 4Geeks Academy. Here you will be able to receive high-quality, in-depth education and a guaranteed job offer. This will be your first step towards your successful programming, so join 4Geeks Academy today!

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