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What an iPhone Flip could do to overpower the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

It’s unclear whether we’ll see a foldable iPhone this year, but all indicators point to Apple wanting to compete with Samsung and others with its own folding mobile device. While flip and foldable phones continue to grow as an increasing smartphone trend, we fully expect Apple to come onto the scene with a foldable phone that will simply wow us all.

With that said, here’s what we believe an iPhone Flip could do to overpower the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 – and it’s going to have to do a lot, as the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a remarkable foldable phone that dominates its current competition.

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Have a folding crease that isn’t too noticeable

The crease that allows the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 to fold is one of the biggest nitpick features of the Samsung’s top foldable phone and all of their other folding phones – and this is to do with the obvious appearance and feel of the crease.

The crease is a natural component of any foldable phone or device because it’s where the display screen folds and there’s usually a rather visible ridge in the screen. Samsung’s foldable phones, however, feature significantly more obvious creases than its competition’s devices which you can clearly detect and feel by running your finger over the screen and crease.

Therefore, if Apple wants the iPhone Flip to have a better user experience and satisfaction when using the device than Samsung’s Z Flip 3, it should explore and develop a means to disguise the crease better when swiping your finger over the phone.

Include a functional outer display

Just about every modern foldable phone that has been produced features a small exterior display screen in addition to the inside screen. The purpose of this differs for each foldable phone, but they’re usually used to display common information like time, notifications, battery life, and volume.

The outside display on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is not massively practical or even that useful to a degree, and is more just included in the design for display purposes. The exterior screen does not change the way you use the device and adds little functionality, with it being more of something that is cool to look at.

Apple needs to include an outer display that adds more functionality for their users than the Samsung folding phone does.

Additional folding features

Many recent foldable phones include specific modes or functions that are only available while the device is half-closed, such as the ability to open the smartphone at a right angle with one side resting on a surface and the other pointing up to capture steady photos.

However, the variety of flexible functions that have featured in foldables is rather restricted, and they mostly focus on front and back camera applications when in various phases of folding. If Apple wants the upper hand over Samsung in the foldable game, it should develop additional features and functions to allow users to do things while the device is folded, especially functions that aren’t accessible to Samsung phone customers. 

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