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10 Instagram Video Post Ideas To Market Healthcare Products Better

Health is wealth, is an adage we have been hearing right from our grandparents’ days. And in today’s trying and testing times, it holds more ground. According to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Healthcare Outlook, per capita, healthcare spending is estimated to be $12,262 in the US itself, a burgeoning standalone market. 

Traditionally, healthcare encompasses a variety of products and services like doctors, nursing, health insurance, clinics, laboratories, gymnasiums, and mental health establishments. More recently, healthcare has moved beyond the traditional allopathy practice to include disciplines like alternative medical therapies, yoga, Ayurveda, biological supplements, general wellness, energy therapies, and mind-body interventions. The shift towards preventive healthcare is fast taking over in the minds of the new digitally-savvy generation.

The comfort to search for health-related information has exponentially increased due to the use of social media platforms like Instagram video post, which now play a key role in the marketing and branding of various healthcare products and benefits. The coronavirus pandemic has further increased the use of digital platforms for marketing and branding strategy of the healthcare industry at the cost of spending on physical locations.

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Videos for Instagram are one of the easiest and most cost-effective digital marketing tools available today. Promo videos, bite-sized videos, video testimonials, video infomercials, the list of videos that can be used for branding, educating, and converting. Costs can be further cut down by allowing people to do healthcare marketing for your company. Here are 10 Instagram video post ideas to market Healthcare Products better:

Technical Specs

Adhere to the best technical specifications before you start creating videos. The length and format of the video, size, orientation, and aspect ratio should be considered. Technical specifications on videos used for Instagram Stories can be found here.

Create Your Own Introductory Video

Introduce your company, products, or services by creating a short well-scripted video. By demonstrating your credentials and the value proposition upfront within the video, you will be able to stand out as compared to numerous other similar offerings. Viewers can be quickly informed of your current projects, successes, or current areas of focus (like living healthy in the COVID-19 age). 

Create Specific Campaigns

Healthcare is a complex product or service to sell. While a healthcare company may have a multitude of areas it engages in, creating specific campaigns to cater to specific target segments is always a great idea. For example, running a video campaign on tips to deal with the flu, coming from real doctors, can have an immediate impact during the flu season, leading to more traffic. 

Personalized Videos

People search for videos to solve highly personal and specific health issues. If the videos are made, keeping in mind this personal nature of the product or service, it will resonate well with the audience. Given the increase in mobile viewing, it is important to keep in mind that short videos, when used, make the message more engaging. 

Build Trust 

Sadly, there is a plethora of misinformative and harmful healthcare content available on the internet. By building credibility and educating customers, based on science and facts, healthcare companies can build their reputation organically. 

Building trust with viewers is one of the most difficult aspects of marketing in healthcare. By creating videos that are truthful and avoid pandering to impossible dreams, the healthcare company can build a strong rapport with their customer base. Trust will go a long way in increasing the stickiness of the viewer and provide an opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell other products. 

Get Real 

While models and actors in videos can be aspirational, viewers tend to connect better with real-world people having real-world problems. If they can relate the video to what they are looking to achieve or solve, they will reach for their wallet faster.

Insert Call-To-Actions (CTAs) Appropriately

By cleverly inserting various CTAs within the video itself, healthcare companies can get better control of the customer viewership journey. The CTA could link back to a detailed product page on the website, or it could allow the viewer to watch another video. CTAs like ‘Add to cart,’ Know more,’ or ‘Sign-up for a free trial’ work the best.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can make your content the most relatable with audiences because people just love stories. Videos posted on Instagram Stories should be fun and exciting. Videos can allow the viewer to take their virtual journey toward better health. Using user-generated content is considered important to increase viewership. By fostering a community with great engagement and interaction, it becomes amazingly easy to relate to the brand. The polling feature is a great way to receive feedback from your viewers. 

Hashtag (#) Like A Pro

Adding hashtags on Instagram Video Post can make it easy for viewers to find you based on their interests and requirements. It can provide notifications about new product launches, offers, discounts, or seasonal changes. Hashtags could be generic in nature or specific to a particular area of health, attracting a specific target audience. 


Spending on healthcare is expected to rise at a CAGR of 5 percent from 2019-2023, presenting many opportunities for the sector. Populations across the globe are looking for preventive and early intervention products and services. Large, well-established companies or new smaller entrants can take advantage of Instagram to effectively brand and market their products and services to huge swathes of audiences via digital methods. 

Using Instagram as a prime social media tool can supercharge your content marketing initiatives using a combination of photos and videos. Video marketing works especially well for the healthcare industry as the core message can be easily conveyed to targeted end-users. However, just having a presence on Instagram is not enough: following guidelines, best-practices, or reaching out to Instagram marketing companies like InVideo can help. 

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