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Adobe Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro

There are a lot of programs for video editing today, but for someone that wants to edit like a pro and add some effect to get the perfect finish, things change and the list is greatly reduced. Basically, most users looking for professional video editing software should opt-in for these two: Adobe Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro.

And if you get used to using one of them and learn all its features, you will get a completely professional result. However, if you are in doubt about which to start with, look in detail at what these publishers offer and what you should choose.

Adobe Premiere Pro

When talking about photo editing, the first program that comes to mind is Photoshop, of course. This is the most complete and professional non-linear Photo editing software. The same goes for the video editing program on Windows and macOS Big Sur. Ask any professional video editor on Windows, they would recommend Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vagas.

If you ask a mac user, they would certainly recommend Final Cut Pro, but Adobe premiere is also used in the mac operating system.

However, Adobe’s shadow goes far beyond photo editing, video, audio, animation. To be specific Adobe has more than 20+ products and they are all amazing.

The company is making a big bet on AI and in the latest version of Premiere Pro. You can find many points in the program that help this artificial intelligence achieve the best possible results.

Benefits of Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. Interface: First, the interface, Adobe has created an interface that adapts to the needs of all its users. There are several workspace, customizable spaces, and spaces that you can create from scratch. Thus, it is not the user who needs to adapt the working methodology to the program, it is the program that does.
  2. Ease of connection: In other Adobe programs, the most important is the After Effects. In addition to adding effects to your videos, After Effects is a very popular tool for creating titles, transitions, or entrails. Importing content from Photoshop’s library colors in Photoshop and Illustrator is also one of the main benefits of this software.

Adobe always uses the latest technology, so its software is always in the latest codec, format, or resolution. In addition, its subscription model allows you to pay a fixed amount per month and always have the latest version of the program without paying for updates. Though many people dream to get Adobe Premiere Pro for free, it is against the law.

Disadvantages of Adobe Premiere Pro

Recommended whenever you edit videos and high-end computers. This requires a lot of RAM (preferably 32 GB), the highest range processor (eg i7 for Intel), SSD, and a good graphics card to speed up rendering. However, Adobe Premiere makes this recommendation mandatory. And this software consumes a lot of resources.

If you’re using a midrange computer, or lower, the safest thing is that the program works, but you’re desperate to work on it. Rendering the content can take a long time and small changes will come with new renderings.

Also, Adobe software has been significantly improved, but Premiere is a blocked program. If you don’t want to lose hours of work due to unexpected terminations or blocks, it’s important to activate the automatic saving of data every 5 minutes. This is something many users complain about, but it doesn’t go away.

Relying on Adobe programs Certain tasks can be considered inconvenient. For example, why not add an effect from Premiere Pro and rely on After Effects? Why do I need to edit audio in Audacious? Moreover, connection bridges between programs may or may not always need to apply real-time changes between programs.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro Apple’s non-linear video editor. This editing program uses the Apple Metal engine to give users the best performance and maximum stability in any type of project. In addition to its new, a video editing engine with a magnetic timeline (and therefore no black space), this software offers a set of tools to help you work in the most comfortable way possible. For example, tools for content organization tags, categories, and a complete multi-channel audio editor that optimizes the sound of your creations. Apple offers the following alternatives to After to create professional titles and effects as motion graphics. Also, thanks to Compressor, video encoding gives very good results.

Benefits of Final Cut Pro

One of the advantages of this video editing software is specially programmed for MacOS and for specific hardware. This maximizes performance when editing any kind of video, even in 4K and HEVC formats, and also provides the company’s characteristic stability.

Over the years, Final Cut Pro has gained fame and many users can buy a Mac and use this program to edit videos. Unlike other video editing programs that work with subscriptions (such as Adobe), Final Cut Pro costs $299.99 from the Apple App Store purchased from a single payment with unlimited use of the program. In addition, Final Cut version 7 cost thousands of dollars, a significant reduction.

Another advantage of this video editing program is that it allows you to edit and compose videos from multiple cameras more easily than other methods. Moreover, the use of saturation is better controlled and the post-processing results are more professional.

Disadvantages of Final Cut Pro

The biggest drawback of this software is that it is only available for MacOS. Not available if you are using a Windows computer. Also, if you choose to virtualize macOS or configure hackintosh, it will not work as it did on the original Mac. This already excludes many users who need a good video editor but don’t want to invest in an Apple computer.

Apple has always created intuitive and easy-to-use products, but many experts find the interface of Final Cut Pro to be more complex than other options such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Experts spend hours in front of this interface, so it’s best to feel as comfortable as possible. The interface of this software is not customizable or adaptable.

This is an overall comparison of the two video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro 2021 (Pros and Cons). I hope you enjoyed reading this post, let us know you thoughts and comments.

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