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How to Access Region Blocked Videos without a VPN?

You can’t afford a VPN or feel it is unreliable for Netflix? How to watch geographically blocked videos without a VPN. Due to factors like, licensing and copyright problems, government decisions, and many others, geo-blocking is a state of affairs that impacts absolutely everyone. What do you do when you get a message ‘This content is not available in your country. How do you bypass region blocking?  To counter this, VPNs are common but not the best solution.

Here’s how to access a region blocked video without VPN software:

Why VPNs Aren’t Extraordinary for Bypassing Region Block?

The VPN server acts like an intermediary (middleman), at the point when you associate with a VPN (Virtual Private System) your web traffic is sent through the VPN server. For instance, if you are in the UK and you interface with a VPN in the US, sites will consider you to be perusing from the US. This permits you to utilize VPNs to get to US real-time features, for example,

  • Netflix US
  • Pandora
  • Hulu

… and numerous other regions blocked media sites.

Why A Standard DNS Can’t Help?

Not until recent times, switching your router’s DNS server to get access to streamed videos without depending on a VPN is now possible. The aftereffect can be equivalent to streaming but it gives you an impression of being seeing from somewhere else as it is not encrypted.

Notwithstanding, VPNs, Netflix, and other streaming mammoths already got shrewd to this strategy. All things considered, standard DNS providers are not, at this point suitable.

However, there are new techniques accessible to bypass region blocked videos.

  1. Use Proxy Servers
  2. Utilize a pro DNS
  3. VPN provided DNS
  4. Third-party downloader

How to Access Region Blocked Videos without a VPN?

1. Utilize Proxy Servers

Proxy Servers enables you to access region-restricted website quickly and effectively. A proxy server stands among you and the website you’re looking to reach, appearing as a few sort of a “middleman” (or a separate laptop). Since all device that’s relating to the internet has its IP address, so does a Proxy server. When you connect with the net via a proxy, it presents you with a distinct IP address before redirecting you to the website you’re looking to access. Although you can easily get a Proxies through the web, using a browser extension is quite easier.

To get access to Netflix, you can consider Weechee, which is a browser extension for Google Chrome. This is intended to unblock Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, any place on the planet you are based. Proxies are an incredible alternative for US citizens looking to get the right of entry to BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Encountered blocked videos on YouTube? Use this block-checking device to discover which international locations the video is available in, then set your proxy extension accordingly. Depending on a proxy browser extension is smarter than surely touring a widespread proxy web site.

2. Unblock-Us

Changing your device’s DNS can help you if you want to know how to watch region-blocked videos. Although it has been largely defeated by streaming services and it is not the major solution, it therefore serves as an option.

You will want something a bit superb for this to work, that is where Unblock-Us is available. Unblock-Us gives a seven-day free trial and one solution with a $4.99 monthly subscription. It aims to present you with more suitable network safety, excellent speed, and give you the freedom to avoid blocked regions.

If you are dependent upon this more advantageous DNS solution, it’s definitely an alternative; the free trial is well worth it to find out if it works for you. Unblock-Us functions specific setup commands and works computers, consoles, mobile gadgets, TVs, and TV streaming boxes.

3. Use Smart DNS for Region Blocked Video Streams

While the use of a VPN to get entry to region blocked streaming services isn’t the quickest choice, there are alternatives by some VPN services. Smart DNS may be considered a kind of “VPN lite” solution, which lets in access to region blocked content material (which includes all of the Netflix you may watch) without the encryption and IP covering a VPN provides.

How to use smart DNS

One choice is to discover an expert provider such as www.Smartdnsproxy.Com. However, if you are a user of a VPN you might probably have smart DNS access unknowingly.

For instance, ExpressVPN offers the MediaStreamer DNS carrier as a part of the VPN subscription. This is a superb way to access region blocked videos from all streaming services. Like other smart DNS solution, it is available to be used on virtually all platforms, such as games consoles and clever TVs.

Note that other VPN providers provide clever DNS.

4.  Blocked YouTube Videos

Perhaps a proxy browser extension won’t work and a specialist DNS service is drawing a blank, try downloading the Blocked YouTube video. Region-blocked content can be frustrating. While this likely might not work with Netflix, it’s a very good option for YouTube.

To bypass region blocking on YouTube videos, a downloader will be of help. For instance,

To use this:

  • Copy the URL of the blocked region YouTube video
  • Then copy it into your browser’s
  • Click on it so that the insertion factor is among the “www.” and “youtube”
  • Augment “ss” to the URL (e.g. “www.Ssyoutube.Com”)
  • Tap Enter on your keyboard or click OK on your device

After which the video can be downloaded on your device through the ssyoutube.Com web page, because you have bypassed the region blocking.

Bypass Region Locks and Access All Netflix Content

You cannot just go to a proxy and think about all your favorite Netflix content material anymore. To access blocked content isn’t that simple as it appears.

Solutions like UnoDNS, MediaHint, and Tunlr, have fallen by means of the wayside. With that, you need smarter solutions these days to region blocking, devices with the intention to give you reliable access to Netflix and other region blocking streaming services.

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