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Tips & Tricks for Winning Hard to Beat Bubble Shooter Game

The game Bubble Shooter appears so straightforward that it looks deceivingly easy. But there’s more to the game than what meets the eye. The game isn’t as easy as it looks, and that’s why it is addictive and so much fun.

The game has a challenging aspect, and as mobile gaming is on the rise, Bubble Shooter is surely hogging the spotlight. To increase the chances of winning and improve scores, players need to learn Bubble Shooter tricks and strategize their game. Even though the game is great for beginners, the game gets harder as you progress. Each game comes with its unique twist, and if you are trying to figure out how you can augment your chances of winning a hard-to-beat Bubble Shooter game, the chances are you have experienced some tough games already.

Whether you opt to play bubble shooter purely for entertainment or to earn cash, you need to master some of the tricky challenges of the game. Some of the tricks are discussed below.

Tips & Tricks for Winning Hard to Beat Bubble Shooter Game

1. Target to detach the hanging clusters of bubbles

You are in luck if you see a few bubbles dangling off a group of bubbles, and they’re all of the same colors. Instead of shooting off one bubble at a time, you must wait until you have the appropriate color bubble. Then it would help if you targeted that bubble so that all the bubbles will drop at once.

You will free the space instantly and have a clear space to shoot further up the playing field.

When playing Bubble Shooter, ensure to stay alert as to what bubble will come next. If you see that you will be shooting two or three bubbles of the same color, you can shoot a solo bubble on the playing field. It means you’ll be targeting a solo bubble that is connected to a bunch of other hanging bubbles.

2. Aim at the walls to enhance your shooting range

When a bubble is shot at the walls, it quickly bounces against it, and the course of the bubble is changed. In most cases, the trajectory change will allow you to pop bubbles that might be out of your reach when you are shooting straight.

Therefore, the walls are one of the most crucial strategic elements in the game. You can aim at the walls and check how the bounce will affect your shot. It is important to pay attention to which bubbles you could reach by making the bubble bounce off the wall, but it will be impossible to reach with a straight shot. It’ll be advantageous if you can eliminate or create a group of hanging bubbles.

3. Master the bank shot

The bank shot is one of the most crucial tips you need to master to increase your chances of winning Bubble Shooter. A bank shot is when you angle the shooter at any one of the walls of the playing field so that the bubble can bounce off the side walls.

The bank shot can be useful when you are trying to reach the bubbles that are harder to reach or where there is the most number of same-colored bubbles. You can even use the shot to squeeze bubbles to fill up blank spaces.

If you play it properly, the shot might be a life-saver and cannot find possible matches on the first row of the playing field.

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4. Pay attention to finding big groups of bubbles with the same color

A winning strategy in Bubble Shooter is popping big groups of bubbles so that you can quickly progress in the game. When you see several bubbles connected with the same color, it means you can pop all of them at once with a single shot. If you clear a big group, you’ll have a clear and wide path within the puzzle. You can access the bubbles in the upper levels easily.

If the group of bubbles runs the full width of the puzzle, you can pop it and eliminate more than one row at once. All the bubbles below those rows will be cut out of the puzzle.

5. Always plan ahead

As you go ahead in the game, you need to plan. It should be one of the game’s strategies where you plan every shot so that your next shot is secured and you don’t waste any shot. When you see the playing field at the beginning of the game, take your time to assess your strategy as to how you’ll clear the board. Then you need to organize a few steps to win the game. You can create mini strategies throughout the game to win it.

6. Don’t stack

A challenging aspect of the game is that you’ll not always get to shoot the color you want or need. It is one of the reasons why you need to assess the playing field and pop the bubbles that can fetch you the most scores. It is not always feasible to pop bubbles in order. You’ll quickly run out of ammunition.

You might find yourself wasting ammunition if there are no bubbles to pop. When faced with such a predicament, you must avoid stacking bubbles. It is a bad idea to stack because you will lose the puzzle touches in the bottom bar, and you may lose the game. Another reason why stacking is bad is that it creates a vertical bubble wall in the game, and based on the wall, it might block the most important bubbles. Even bouncing off the wall might not do the trick.

So, keep in mind these tricks to face the challenges while playing Bubble Shooter. You can accentuate your chances of winning the game and improving the scores.

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