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How to Connect and Use Apple AirPods With an Android Device

As nowadays the demand for Apple AirPods has been rapidly increased among people worldwide, hence Apple has made AirPods compatible with Android devices too. While the Apple Watch is still completely tied to iPhones or iOS devices only, but Apple took an alternative approach with its AirPods, and made them compatible with any device that has a Bluetooth connection. Let’s dive into how to connect and use Apple AirPods with an Android device.

If you enjoy using Apple AirPods and meanwhile don’t want to give up your Android device, the good news is, Apple AirPods are not iOS exclusive devices and they can be paired with basically any Bluetooth enabled device. However, you won’t get all the included features that you would when using an Airpods with an Apple device.

Here is how to connect and use Apple AirPods with an Android device and the features Apple offers and you can use it.

How to Connect Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro to an Android Phone

Connecting an AirPods to an Android device is very simple and it’s how you connect and pair a device to your phone via Bluetooth. Just follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth device on your Android device and make sure it’s accessible.
  • Scan for a new device on your Android device
  • Open your AirPods case to make it enable for pairing
  • Find and select the AirPods name that appeared on your Android device and tap on it and confirm pairing.
  • If the AirPods name doesn’t appear on the access device to connect, push, and hold the button on the side of the AirPods case until the Led light flashes between the AirPods. Now you would see the name of AirPods appearing on your Android device for pairing. Now tap to pear and enjoy using.

AirPods Features When Connected to an Android Device

However, Apple AirPods have many features and functionalities when connected to an Apple device, but unfortunately you won’t get all of the features once connected to an Android device. You will just get the following features:

  • While it’s in your ear, double-tap to play or pause the music or film audio.
  • Can use for call audio.
  • Siri Won’t answer any of your requests.
  • The battery indicator won’t display. To display battery life you can download the Assistant Trigger app which will also launch Google Assistant or Bixby by double-tapping the AirPods.

Within the AirPods Pro Apple has brought slight different changes in functionality when connected to an Android device as follow:

  • You can play and pause music by pressing the AirPod Pro stem once
  • Press twice quickly to skip forwards
  • Press thrice to skip back

When you connect an AirPod to your Apple device you can use many features and functionalities that Apple offers.

AirPods Features When Connected to an Apple Device

AirPods have many features when connected to an Apple device. These features are as follow:

  • You can easily switch between iOS, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch
  • A notification on your phone when you need to charge
  • When you take out an AirPod it pauses music
  • One Airpd can be used for calls or music
  • Double-tap to access Siri
  • 5 hours battery life
  • 24 Hour total battery life with Charging case
  • The case charges 3 hours the AirPods in 15 minutes

The demand for AirPods becomes more and more every day and it’s almost universally loved by not only iOS users but also by Android users. As compare to other earbuds, AirPods have some unique features that others don’t.

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