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Apple iOS 13 New Features and Functionalities

iOS 13 Best Features
iOS 13 Best Features

Apple introduced the new version of the iOS operating system, iOS 13 on June 3. There are many iOS 13 Best Features to get amazed about like speed boosts, Dark mode, volume HUD, swipe keyboard, dual air pods streaming, Find my, maps redesign and many more.

iOS 13 Best Features – 15 New Features in iOS 13

  • Speed Boosts
  • Dark Mode
  • System UI
  • Photo And Video Editing Tools
  • Volume HUD
  • Messages
  • Photo Views
  • Maps
  • Find My
  • Home Kit
  • Air Pods
  • Single Sign in
  • Reminder
  • Car Play app
  • Wallpapers

1. Speed Boosts

The first thing I would like to focus on is the speed boost in iOS 13. It is actually quite faster rather than the previous version. In some of the apps like on camera, swiping the screen, Messages, lock screen the iOS 13 is working faster than iOS 12.3.1.

2. Dark Mode

Dark Mode in iOS 13 is amazing which is useful to protect your eyes from the traditionally blinding whiteness of phone screen. You can enable the Dark Mode simply by going to the Settings of your phone and select the Display as Dark Mode and in most apps, you get true Dark Mode without Jailbreaking your iPhone.

Dark Mode iOS 13
Dark Mode iOS 13

3. System UI

In iOS 13 there is revamped System UI so everywhere you notice rounded icons, it helps everything easy clickable and not confusing to find out options. Apple has simplified the options and made things look better and round shaped icons.

System UI
System UI

4. Photo And Video Editing Tools

Apple added new editing features for photos and videos. Now you have the ability to rotate, crop and flip photos or videos on your iPhone.

Photo Editing Tools in iOS 13
Photo Editing Tools in iOS 13

5. Volume HUD

The Volume HUD has now been fixed so if you double click the volume button, it will go to the thin mode and if you leave it be with just one it’s thick one then you can manipulate with your fingers. It’s just like a miniature version of the one from the Control Center.

Volume HUD
Volume HUD

6. Messages

There is a new profile mode in messages so you are going to be able to add your own profile in messages and set a custom avatar. Moreover, there are new emoji stickers and even your personal emoji can be changed and you can adjust so many little things like tongue piercings, earrings, eyewear, and complete customization has been added to the emojis.

7. Photo Viewer

Probably one of the best updates in iOS 13 is the views of the photos. now any photos from the Album or group of photos can be zoom in and zoom out and scroll to see all of your photos. Another great feature in iOS 13 is days, months and years. It shows the photos related exact date.

Photo View in iOS 13
Photo View in iOS 13

8. Map

The Maps application has been completely revamped and its’ also available in Dark Mode. Apple drove over 4 million miles to rebuild the map application from the ground up. A much better version of Street view from Google Maps that makes you able to smoothly transition from area to the area look around at a shop click on it and get the actual info for that area.

Map in iOS 13
Map in iOS 13

9. Find My App

There’s a new app in iOS 13 called Find My Now, it replaces Find My iPhone and Find My Friends and will combine both of them. The best thing about it is the Bluetooth beacon feature so when your device goes into sleep mode it will still send out a very small packet of data through Bluetooth to other Apple devices in the area. It’s just a more reliable way to track your device in that rare emergencies so a very good one from Apple.

Find My App in iOS 13
Find My App in iOS 13

10. Homekit

Here is a very nice upgrade in the Home. There are security cameras from certain providers. Everything is done on-device processing then it uploads to the cloud, it never goes to the actual manufacturer. So the Homekit has been reworked and the applications have been adjusted overall.


11. Air Pods

In iOS now you can simultaneously connect to two pairs of air pods. Connect and stream audio to two separate pairs of air pods. Thanks to Apple added it to the new version.

Air Pods
Air Pods

12. Single Sign in

Sign In with Apple is designed to let you sign into apps using your Apple ID for authentication purposes, offering up a privacy-focused alternative to signing in with accounts from sites like Facebook, Google, or Twitter. You don’t share your personal data with those companies it’s going through Apple and they create burner emails it’s just an all-around brilliant system that solves the problem.

Sign in
Sign in

13. Reminder Application

The Reminder application is completely revamped and redesigned and easier to use. You can create reminders easier and go through the details and overall very easy to navigate and use.

Reminders in iOS 13
Reminders in iOS 13

14. CarPlay App

The Car Play app has been redesigned and is sectioned off and it will give you suggestions. Depending on what you are doing and where you are.


15. Wallpapers

There is an option in iOS 13 to dim the wallpaper when you enable the dark mode there are eight new wallpapers. These were the biggest changes in iOS 13. What new features you have discovered in iOS 13? Please comment on it using the comment section below.

iPhones and iPads That Support iOS 13

The following iPhones will support iOS 13:

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod touch (7th generation)

If you have one the devices mentioned above, you can update and get the latest version iOS 13 and enjoy using the 15 new features.

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