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Top 5 iOS Apps for Digital Artists in 2024

The creative industry has been transformed by the growing popularity of digital art, which allows artists to create stunning works using pastels on their desktop or tablet. The ability to replicate the texture and effects of traditional mediums like spray paint has opened up new possibilities for artists in the digital realm. With iOS devices becoming the go-to platform for artists around the world, there is a need for powerful and versatile apps that cater to their specific needs on both desktop and tablet. Compatibility is key in ensuring that these apps are the perfect tool for artists.

These desktop apps provide a variety of features and tools that help artists unleash their creativity on the screen of their iOS devices. With compatibility across different devices, artists can enjoy a seamless experience. From adjusting colour palettes to exploring new brushes, these apps offer a comprehensive review of artistic tools. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, these apps have got you covered for colour compatibility. Use them to review and enhance your artistic skills. From compatibility with different versions of iOS to trial versions that allow you to test out their use of colour before committing, these apps offer a range of options for every artist’s perspective.

Join us as we dive into the world of digital art on iOS and discover which apps are worth your attention. Explore the vibrant world of digital colour and find apps that offer compatibility with your creative vision. Unleash your artistic potential with these user-friendly apps designed for easy use on your iOS device. Let’s explore the pros and cons of using an art set, the community support for choosing the right colour, and the unique features offered by each app in our comprehensive review.

The Rise of Digital Art on iOS

Convenience and Versatility of Digital Art

Digital art has become increasingly popular among artists due to its convenience, versatility, and the use of colour. With the use of digital art apps, artists can create stunning pieces without the need for physical materials or traditional mediums. These apps allow artists to explore a wide range of colours and experiment with different colour palettes. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing artists to experiment with different styles, techniques, effects, and use.

Powerful Tools and Features on iOS Devices

iOS devices have emerged as a leading platform for digital artists, thanks to their powerful tools and features that artists can use. These devices use a wide range of digital art apps that provide an intuitive interface and advanced functionality. From sketching and painting to photo editing and graphic design, there is an app available for every artistic use.

One notable feature of iOS devices is their pressure sensitivity, making them perfect for using a digital art app or an art set. With the use of stylus support, artists can achieve precise control over their brush strokes, mimicking the experience of traditional drawing or painting. This level of detail allows for intricate artwork with depth and texture.

Embracing iOS as a Primary Platform

Artists are increasingly embracing iOS as their primary platform for creative endeavors. The portability of iOS devices allows artists to work on their projects anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s capturing inspiration on-the-go with a digital art app or immersing themselves in a dedicated studio space, iOS offers the flexibility that traditional mediums cannot match.

Furthermore, cloud storage integration has revolutionized how artists manage their artwork. By utilizing cloud storage services such as iCloud or Dropbox, artists can seamlessly sync their creations across multiple devices. This ensures that digital artists’ work created using the digital art app is always accessible and backed up securely.

Expanding Possibilities through Collaboration

iOS apps also enable collaboration among digital artists like never before. Artists can easily share their work-in-progress with others for feedback or even collaborate in real-time using shared canvases. This fosters a sense of community within the digital art world while providing valuable opportunities for growth and learning from fellow creatives.

The iOS ecosystem offers a vast library of tutorials, resources, and online communities dedicated to digital art. Artists can enhance their skills, discover new techniques, and find inspiration from a global network of like-minded individuals.

3 Top Drawing Apps for iPad Users

iPad users have access to a wide range of drawing apps tailored specifically for their devices. These apps provide intuitive interfaces and advanced features to enhance the drawing experience. The top 5 drawing apps for iPad users offer unique functionalities and cater to different artistic styles.

Intuitive Interfaces for Seamless Drawing Experience

The drawing apps available for iPad users are designed with intuitive interfaces, making it easy for artists to navigate through various tools and features. With just a few taps or swipes, artists can access brushes, colors, layers, and other essential functions. This user-friendly approach allows artists to focus on their creativity without being overwhelmed by complex menus or settings.

Advanced Features to Enhance Artistic Expression

These top drawing apps go beyond basic sketching tools and offer advanced features that empower artists to explore new possibilities in digital art creation. From customizable brushes and textures to layer blending modes and perspective grids, these apps provide a plethora of options to experiment with different artistic techniques. Artists can also take advantage of pressure sensitivity support offered by the Apple Pencil, allowing them to achieve more precise strokes and shading effects.

1. Procreate: A Versatile Digital Art Studio


Procreate is one of the most popular drawing apps among professional digital artists. It offers a wide range of brushes, including realistic pencils, inks, watercolors, and even custom-made brushes created by renowned artists. With its powerful layer system, Procreate allows artists to work non-destructively and easily make adjustments or experiment with different compositions. Procreate provides time-lapse recording capabilities that enable artists to share their creative process with others.

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw: Ideal for Vector Drawing

illustrator draw

For those who prefer working with vector graphics, Adobe Illustrator Draw is an excellent choice for a digital art app. This app allows artists to create scalable artwork using vector-based tools such as shapes, paths, and anchor points. Artists can also import their sketches from other apps or capture inspiration directly on the iPad using the built-in camera. Adobe Illustrator Draw seamlessly integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications, enabling artists to transfer their artwork to Adobe Illustrator for further refinement.

3. Autodesk SketchBook: A Feature-Rich Drawing App

adeobe scetchbook

Autodesk SketchBook offers a comprehensive set of tools and features for digital artists. With over 190 customizable brushes, artists can find the perfect brush for any style or effect they want to achieve. The app also supports layers, blending modes, and perspective guides to assist artists in creating stunning compositions.

Procreate: The Digital Artist’s Canvas

Extensive Set of Brushes and Customizable Options

Procreate is a highly acclaimed app that stands out among the top iOS apps for digital artists. One of its key strengths lies in its extensive set of brushes and customizable options. With Procreate, artists have access to a wide range of brushes, including traditional media-inspired brushes like paint and pencil, as well as unique ones like spray paint and live brushes. This variety allows artists to experiment with different styles and techniques, giving their digital art a distinct look.

Professional-Grade Tools, Layers, and Blending Modes

Another reason why Procreate is favored by digital artists is its professional-grade tools. The app offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to the needs of both beginners and experienced artists. Artists can work with layers, allowing them to easily organize their artwork and make adjustments without affecting the entire composition. Procreate provides various blending modes that enable artists to create seamless transitions between colors and textures.

Unparalleled Drawing Experience with Apple Pencil Integration

One standout feature of Procreate is its seamless integration with Apple Pencil. When paired with an iPad and Apple Pencil, Procreate provides an unparalleled drawing experience that closely mimics traditional art on paper or canvas. The app’s responsiveness to pressure sensitivity allows for precise control over brushstrokes, making it feel as if you are painting directly on a blank canvas.

Suitable for All Skill Levels

Whether you are a beginner exploring digital art or an experienced artist looking for advanced tools, Procreate caters to all skill levels. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to navigate through the app’s features while still providing enough depth for professionals to create intricate artworks. With Procreate’s intuitive design and extensive tutorials available online, aspiring digital artists can quickly learn the ropes and start creating impressive pieces.

Enhancing Digital Artistry with Artrage Vitae

To further enhance the digital artistry experience, Procreate offers seamless integration with Artrage Vitae. This collaboration brings additional features to Procreate, such as realistic brushes and textures that mimic traditional art mediums. Artists can now achieve a more authentic look and feel in their digital creations, blurring the line between traditional and digital art.

Adobe Fresco: Bridging Traditional and Digital Art

Adobe Fresco is a powerful iOS app that seamlessly combines traditional painting techniques with modern digital capabilities. With its innovative features, it has become a go-to choice for digital artists looking to create stunning artwork on their iPads.

Realistic Brushstrokes with Live Brushes

One of the standout features of Adobe Fresco is its Live Brushes, which simulate realistic brushstrokes. These brushes mimic the behavior of traditional art tools, such as oil and watercolor brushes, allowing artists to achieve an authentic painting experience on their iPad. The ability to control brush opacity and flow gives artists precise control over their strokes, resulting in lifelike textures and blending effects.

Seamless Switching Between Raster and Vector Brushes

Adobe Fresco offers the flexibility to switch effortlessly between raster and vector brushes. This functionality expands the creative possibilities for artists, enabling them to combine the organic feel of raster brushes with the scalability and precision of vector graphics. Whether working on a detailed illustration or a large-scale project, artists can easily adapt their workflow to suit their needs.

Integration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Adobe Fresco seamlessly integrates with other popular software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Artists can start a project in one app and continue working on it in another without any loss of quality or compatibility issues. This integration allows for a smooth transition between different stages of the artistic process, from sketching ideas in Fresco to refining them in Photoshop or adding intricate details in Illustrator.

Unleashing Creativity with Pastels

Adobe Fresco also offers an extensive collection of pastel brushes that add depth and richness to artwork. These brushes emulate the texture and blending properties of real pastels, allowing artists to create stunningly vibrant pieces that capture light and shadow realistically. The ability to layer pastel strokes enables artists to build up complex compositions while maintaining the softness and subtlety that make pastels unique.

Empowering Digital Artists

With its wide range of features and intuitive interface, Adobe Fresco empowers digital artists to bring their creative visions to life. Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting your artistic journey, this app provides a versatile platform for exploring different styles and techniques. Its seamless integration with other Adobe software makes it a valuable addition to any artist’s toolkit.

Comic Draw and Clip Studio Paint Ex are two powerful tools for comic artists. Both of these software works seamlessly to provide comic artists with a range of pro features.

Comic Draw and Clip Studio Paint Ex: Tools for Comic Artists

Comic Draw and Clip Studio Paint Ex are two exceptional iOS apps that cater specifically to the needs of digital comic artists. These apps offer a range of specialized features and tools, making them indispensable for anyone involved in the creation of comics.

4. Comic Draw: Specialized Features for Comics


Comic Draw is an iOS app that provides a comprehensive set of tools designed specifically for comic artists. One of its standout features is the ability to create panels effortlessly. With just a few taps, users can divide their canvas into multiple panels, allowing them to structure their comic pages effectively.

In addition to panel creation, Comic Draw also offers speech bubble tools, which make it easy to add dialogue and captions to your artwork. The app includes a wide variety of speech bubble shapes and styles, ensuring that artists have plenty of options to choose from.

Another useful feature offered by Comic Draw is its collection of pre-designed comic templates. These templates provide a starting point for artists, helping them quickly establish the layout and structure of their comics. This saves valuable time and allows artists to focus on their creativity rather than worrying about the technical aspects.

5. Clip Studio Paint Ex: Comprehensive Illustration Tools


Clip Studio Paint Ex is widely regarded as one of the best illustration apps available for digital comic artists. It offers an extensive range of tools and functionalities that allow artists to bring their vision to life with ease.

One notable feature of Clip Studio Paint Ex is its vast library of brushes. From traditional pencil brushes to specialized ink brushes, this app has it all. Artists can choose from various brush types based on their specific needs, whether they want smooth lines or textured effects.

Another powerful tool within Clip Studio Paint Ex is its support for vector graphics. This feature enables artists to create scalable artwork without any loss in quality. It’s particularly useful when working on projects that require resizing or printing at different resolutions.

Clip Studio Paint Ex also provides a user-friendly interface that allows artists to customize their workspace. Artists can arrange their tools and palettes in a way that suits their workflow, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience.

Autodesk Sketchbook and Artstudio Pro: Versatility at Its Best

Autodesk Sketchbook and Artstudio Pro are two of the top iOS apps for digital artists, offering a wide range of features to enhance creativity. These apps provide versatility and flexibility, accommodating various artistic styles and preferences.

Autodesk Sketchbook: A Canvas for Imagination

Autodesk Sketchbook is a powerful app that allows artists to sketch, draw, and paint with ease. With its extensive collection of brushes and customizable tools, artists can bring their visions to life on the digital canvas. Whether you prefer a traditional pencil or want to experiment with unique brush effects, Sketchbook has it all.

One of the standout features of Autodesk Sketchbook is its intuitive interface. The app provides a seamless drawing experience, making it easy for both beginners and experienced artists to create stunning artwork. The layers functionality allows for easy organization and editing, while blending modes enable artists to achieve realistic textures and shading.

Artstudio Pro: Unleash Your Creativity

Artstudio Pro is another fantastic iOS app that caters to the needs of digital artists. This app combines advanced features like layers, blending modes, and advanced brush settings with an intuitive interface. It offers a robust set of tools that allow artists to explore their creativity without limitations.

With Artstudio Pro’s pro-level features, artists can create intricate illustrations with precision and detail. The ability to work with multiple layers enables seamless editing and experimentation while maintaining control over each element of the artwork. Artists can also take advantage of blend modes to add depth and texture to their creations.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Both Autodesk Sketchbook and Artstudio Pro offer unique features tailored towards different artistic preferences. While Sketchbook excels in providing an extensive range of brushes for expressive sketching, Artstudio Pro focuses on delivering professional-grade tools for detailed illustrations.

When choosing between these two apps, consider your preferred artistic style. If you enjoy sketching and want a vast selection of brushes at your disposal, Autodesk Sketchbook is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you prefer to create intricate illustrations with advanced features like blend modes and layers, Artstudio Pro may be more suitable for your needs.

Choosing the Right Tools: iPads, iPhones, and Apple Pencils

Varying Screen Sizes and Processing Power

Different iOS devices offer a range of screen sizes and processing power, providing options to cater to the specific needs of digital artists. iPads come in various sizes, from the compact iPad Mini to the larger iPad Pro models. iPhones also have different screen sizes, with some models offering a more portable option for artists on the go.

The choice of screen size depends on personal preference and workflow requirements. Artists who prefer a larger canvas may opt for an iPad Pro with its generous display real estate, while those seeking portability might find the smaller screens of iPhones or iPad Minis more suitable.

In terms of processing power, newer models tend to be faster and more capable of handling resource-intensive apps. This is particularly important for artists working with complex projects or using demanding software that requires substantial computing power.

The Apple Pencil: Precision and Control

One of the key tools for digital artists on iOS devices is the Apple Pencil. This stylus offers enhanced precision and control when drawing on iPads or iPhones. Its pressure sensitivity allows for varying line thicknesses based on how hard or lightly it is pressed against the screen.

The Apple Pencil also supports tilt functionality, enabling artists to achieve shading effects by angling the stylus. This level of control makes it easier to create detailed artwork with intricate textures and gradients.

When selecting an Apple Pencil, it’s essential to consider compatibility with your chosen device model. While some older iPads support first-generation Apple Pencils, newer models require second-generation versions specifically designed for them.

Finding Your Ideal Combination

Choosing the right combination of device and stylus depends on individual preferences, budget considerations, and artistic requirements. Some artists may prioritize a larger screen size over portability, while others may value mobility above all else.

Budget-conscious artists can explore more affordable options, such as iPads with Apple Pencil support or iPhones paired with compatible styluses. While these devices may have smaller screens, they still offer a range of creative possibilities.

Ultimately, the ideal choice comes down to personal needs and preferences. Artists should consider factors such as screen size, processing power, stylus compatibility, and budget constraints when making their decision.

By carefully evaluating these factors and experimenting with different combinations of devices and styli, digital artists can find the perfect tools to bring their artistic visions to life on iOS platforms.

Balancing Free and Paid Drawing App Options

Exploring Before Investing

Many drawing apps offer free versions with limited features, allowing artists to explore the app’s functionalities before deciding whether to invest in the paid version. These free versions serve as a great starting point for digital artists who are just beginning their journey or are on a tight budget. With these free options, artists can get a feel for the user interface, experiment with basic tools, and determine if the app aligns with their artistic style.

Advanced Tools and Functionality

On the other hand, paid drawing apps often provide more advanced tools and functionality that cater to the needs of professional digital artists. These apps offer an extensive range of brushes, layers, blending modes, and precision tools that enable artists to create intricate and detailed artwork. The additional features offered by paid drawing apps allow artists to push their creative boundaries and achieve greater control over their digital art.

Customer Support and Updates

Investing in a paid drawing app also comes with added benefits such as customer support and regular updates. Paid app developers typically have dedicated customer support teams that can assist users with any technical issues they may encounter while using the app. These developers continuously work on improving their apps by releasing updates that address bugs, introduce new features, or enhance existing ones. This ensures that artists have access to a reliable and up-to-date drawing tool that meets their evolving needs.

Striking a Balance

It is essential for artists to strike a balance between their budget constraints and desired app capabilities. Artists need to evaluate their specific requirements based on factors such as skill level, artistic goals, preferred art style, and available resources.

For beginners or hobbyists who are still exploring different art styles or techniques, starting with a free drawing app can be an excellent option. It allows them to gain experience without making a financial commitment upfront. As they progress and develop their skills, they can then consider investing in a paid drawing app that offers more advanced tools and features.

On the other hand, professional artists who rely on digital art as their primary source of income may find it beneficial to invest in a paid drawing app from the start. The additional tools, functionality, and customer support provided by these apps can significantly enhance their workflow and productivity.

Expanding Creative Horizons with Additional Drawing Apps

Exploring beyond the top 5 recommended drawing apps can open up a world of possibilities for digital artists on iOS. With numerous other drawing apps available, artists have the opportunity to discover new features, unique artistic approaches, and find the perfect fit for their creative process.

Discovering New Features and Techniques

By trying out different drawing apps, artists can uncover a wide range of features that may not be available in the top 5 recommended apps. Each app has its own set of tools and functionalities that can enhance an artist’s workflow and expand their creative horizons.

For example, some drawing apps offer advanced brush customization options, allowing artists to create intricate textures or simulate traditional media like oil or watercolor. Others may have specialized tools for creating comic book illustrations or architectural designs. Exploring these additional options can inspire artists to experiment with new techniques and push the boundaries of their artwork.

Embracing Unique Artistic Approaches

Every drawing app has its own style and aesthetic, which can influence an artist’s work in unexpected ways. By venturing beyond the top 5 recommended apps, artists can explore different interfaces, color palettes, and design philosophies that may resonate with their artistic vision.

For instance, some drawing apps focus on simplicity and minimalism, providing a distraction-free environment for artists to concentrate solely on their artwork. On the other hand, certain apps may prioritize social interaction by offering features like collaborative art projects or online communities where artists can share their work and receive feedback from peers.

By immersing themselves in these diverse environments, artists have the opportunity to embrace new artistic approaches that align with their personal style or challenge them to explore uncharted territories.

Finding the Perfect Fit

No two digital artists are exactly alike. Some prefer a streamlined interface with intuitive gestures, while others value extensive customization options. By experimenting with different drawing apps, artists can find the perfect fit that caters to their unique needs and preferences.

For example, an artist who primarily focuses on character design may prefer a drawing app that offers robust layer management and advanced selection tools. On the other hand, a digital painter may prioritize an app with realistic brush simulations and color blending capabilities.

By trying out various apps, artists can identify the features and functionalities that align with their specific artistic goals, enabling them to create their best work.


So there you have it, the top 5 iOS apps for digital artists. We’ve explored the rise of digital art on iOS and delved into the features and benefits of each app. Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, these apps offer a range of tools and capabilities to bring your creative vision to life.

Now that you have this knowledge at your fingertips, it’s time to unleash your inner artist and start creating! Experiment with different apps, explore their unique features, and find the one that best suits your style and needs. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to dive in and keep honing your skills.

So go ahead, grab your iPad, Apple Pencil, and one of these fantastic drawing apps. Let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you. Happy drawing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 iOS apps for digital artists using affinity designer, pastels, sketch, and vector drawing?

The top 5 iOS apps for digital artists are Procreate, Adobe Fresco, Autodesk SketchBook, Concepts, and Tayasui Sketches. These apps offer a wide range of tools and features to enhance creativity and productivity for digital artists.

Can I use Procreate on my iPhone?

Yes, Procreate is available for both iPad and iPhone. It offers a powerful set of tools and features that allow you to create stunning artwork on your iPhone as well as your iPad.

Is Adobe Fresco free to use?

Adobe Fresco offers both free and paid versions. The free version provides access to basic drawing and painting tools, while the paid version (Fresco Premium) unlocks additional features such as Photoshop integration and cloud storage.

Which app is best for sketching ideas?

Autodesk SketchBook is an excellent app for sketching ideas. It offers a variety of brushes, customizable canvas sizes, layers support, and intuitive drawing tools that make it easy to capture your creative concepts quickly.

Are these apps beginner-friendly?

Yes, all the mentioned apps provide user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls that cater to beginners. They offer tutorials, guides, and community support to help users get started with digital art creation even if they have little or no prior experience.

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