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8 Things that Project Management Software Do

You’re missing out on an effective chance to reach your company’s potential if you’re not using project management software yet. A project management software will make business management and administration seamless and simplified. It is the secret weapon of start-ups and businesses that excel. To know more about it and the things that it can do for your company, do read on.

What is project management software?

A project management software is a computer application that allows its users to digitally plan, schedule, budget, and track activities through a centralized dashboard that can be accessed locally and via the cloud. It’s a tool that project managers use to easily track, evaluate, and control how a company’s resources are used. It is an essential administration tool for modern offices. Apart from administration and management, project management software can also be used for communication between individuals and collaboration among different teams.

8 Things that Project Management Software Do

1. Project Planning

Businesses that use project management software highly excel because they get to execute everything easily and in an instant. This is possible because having project management software makes it so. Project management software makes planning easy because all can be determined, evaluated, and controlled in just a few clicks. Planning becomes easy because all necessary data is always available if you have project management software. With one, you would have access to the complete list of people that can do the work, their schedule, their current tasks, the current budget, and the company’s overall trajectory. Hence, everything can be done quickly and effortlessly.

2. Scheduling

Scheduling becomes a walk in the park if you have project management software. With one, gone are the days where you would have to schedule a meeting to talk to all members to inquire about their individual availability and level of capacity to finish a project or task within a given period. Such a meeting wastes good hours spent on just back and forth questions and confusing scheduling that simply should not exist in today’s modern offices. It is such a nightmare given that such good hours could already be spent on simply taking on a task or a project. It’s a good thing though that project management software makes such meetings a thing of the past. With one, a manager will have access to everyone’s schedule and everyone’s current task. No meeting whatsoever will be necessary as everyone who is free and capable can easily be tapped to take on a task or a project.

Project Management Software

3. Task Management

Delays and inefficiencies in productivity only ever occur due to a failure in organization and time management. Running a company involves the execution of thousands of tasks on a daily basis and monitoring all is simply impossible if done by only a few dedicated people that can easily get overwhelmed and confused. Such will not be the case if you’d use a project management software like WorkSavi’s project management software, because, with it, all ongoing, planned, and finished tasks can be monitored and evaluated in just a few clicks. With one, you can even track the time it takes for a team member to finish a task. It is that precise and transparent. If you know how productive your team members are and you give them all the right tasks at the right time, then your company will be unstoppable.

4. Collaboration

Project management software also makes it easy for individuals and multiple teams to collaborate in a safe and secured space that does not compromise company data. All important and essential files can be uploaded to the cloud and made accessible to all members through project management software. With one, gone are the days where team members would need to refer to threads of separate old emails. All updates, edits, and completions can be seen in just one look on any member’s dashboard.

5. Document Sharing

You will no longer experience delays and issues when it comes to file sharing if you’d use project management software. As all files can be securely accessed by team members at any given time, no member will ever have an excuse that a project can’t be started because a necessary file is not available. As all files are downloadable anywhere and anytime, all tasks and projects can always be started in an instant.

6. Error Management

Successful companies are companies that dedicate time and effort to figuring out their errors and mistakes. This kind of management and workflow control is hard to deploy if no dedicated protocol is in place. It becomes all the more problematic when managers do not have the political will, time, and energy for such an effort. With project management software though, error management can be done effortlessly. A project management software can easily document, record, and list all tasks that encountered errors and delays. Through it, intelligent analysis can be done at any given minute. That simple.

7. Time Tracking

Time tracking is seamless and hassle-free if you’d use project management software. All team members and all teams can easily track active hours of work in any given task. They simply have to click a tracker and it can monitor everything in the background. If you want extra transparency, project management software can also capture random screenshots of active desktops to effortlessly see updates and monitor employee productivity.

8. Budgeting

Headache-inducing budgeting and finance management will be a thing of the past if you use project management software. Project management software comes with accounting and budgeting features that make it easy for any project manager or office manager to control, evaluate, and plan for incoming and outgoing money. All tracked hours of work of all members are automatically made into payroll worksheets for easy salary management. All active projects and their costs are also duly accounted for in real-time which makes it easy for managers to decide if a project is earning money or is simply bleeding through.

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