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Apple’s New iOS Turns iPhones Into Car Keys

In the keynote address of the Apple Developers Conference, the Cupertino-based company unveiled a new feature that can be used to completely remove a car switch.

The Apple Developers Conference, or WWDC 2020, began a few minutes ago, with the unveiling of new versions of Apple’s operating systems and services. One of the cool features that Apple has introduced at its event is the ability to use the iPhone instead of a car switch, which can be used to completely remove the switch. After that, car owners who support this feature can turn on their car without the need for an open switch and even turn on the car.

According to the information provided, the new generation of the upcoming 5 Series Biamo supports this feature. Other automakers are expected to add the ability to use this feature to their cars soon. This feature, called the digital key, is very secure; This is because digital key information is stored on the chip where the quality information and facebook information are stored. Better yet, there’s no need to store digital key information in the cloud, and all data is stored on the phone.

An interesting thing about this feature is the ability to share the car’s digital key with others through the iMessage app. In this way, the user can use the digital key sharing to make it possible for others to use the car. Of course, it should be noted that it is also possible to restrict access at the time of sharing. For example, parents can limit the use of a car for their teenage children.

Apple is working with automakers to improve the U1’s bandwidth chip in cars with the goal of improving the digital key feature. With the U1 chip, users no longer need to stick their phone to the car to communicate via NFC‌; But at a more reasonable distance, the car will be able to identify the iPhone. For example, the user no longer needs to take their phone out of their pocket or purse and unlock the door; Instead, just by getting close to the car, he can unlock the lock and enter the car. Apple has announced that this feature will be available to users in iOS 14; However, iOS 13-based gadgets will also offer this feature.

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