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SlideModel Review: Create Professional Presentations with PowerPoint Templates

To make your presentation stand out, you’ll need to be especially creative because no one wants to sit through a terrible presentation built with crappy templates. But remember not to lose the main focus from the essence of the presentation. Hence, the aim is to create a creative yet efficient presentation. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a strong PowerPoint presentation that will keep your audience hooked to their chairs and get influenced by you. Let’s begin:

1. Use pre-designed PowerPoint presentation templates:

Unlike conventional times, where business professionals used to go from place to place to gather information, and once you have all the information, you struggle to make a presentation from scratch. Too much hassle, but not anymore. Now we have access to templates. Today, you will find a whole wide range of templates on the internet. So you don’t have to start from scratch when creating your slides; instead, choose the appropriate template and start with it. Add your own flair to make your presentation professional and effective. Since not everyone is a designer, templates are a fantastic option for anyone looking to improve their PowerPoint design skills.

PowerPoint Templates

Hence, You should look at SlideModel if you need quality PowerPoint presentations for business. You will find magnificent PowerPoint presentations for every industry, from the pharmaceutical industry to human resources; name it, and they have it. Not only this, they have many handy features like pie charts, timelines, graphs, and much more, which aid in appealing presentations. The best part above all is that all the templates available there are editable; you can alter them according to your preference.

2. Concentrate on your slide’s visual appeal:

A well designed professional presentation can never go wrong. So consider how you might make your PowerPoint slides more entertaining and engaging while sticking to the presentation’s core message.

Professionally created presentations help you demonstrate and convey what you are about to say out loud in a visual manner. Remember, you do not want your audience to get distracted by attempting to read the content instead of listening to what you have to say. Hence, keep the text to a minimum. Instead, replace words with visual components, like images and icons, to explain your point as much as feasible. Doing so will make your presentation appear more professional to make you stand out. Look up to Slidemodel as it offers many such icons, a few of which can be seen below.

PowerPoint Templates

You need to play a little smarter when building up professional presentation slides. Consider dividing up your text utilizing bold numerals and bullet points are wonderful visual aids. Moreover, adding grids, charts, and graphs can also aid in giving your presentation a more professional look. Grids create the illusion of white space, ensuring that the images do not overshadow your data and text. In this case, you can look up the pre designed Gantt chart template for your ease. See below how the template is used to display the valuable data regarding your business plan.

PowerPoint Templates

3. Pick colors and fonts strategically:

When designing a professional PowerPoint slide, you should pay special attention to the graphical components such as colors and letter fonts. Hence, to make your presentation look tidy, make sure your colors complement one another and do not conflict.

PowerPoint has built-in color schemes that you may use to apply to your presentation slides. This is an excellent approach to ensure that your color scheme works nicely. Select your PowerPoint template from SlideModel’s gallery and begin with your work. As like PowerPoint, it also allows you to build and adjust your own color schemes. This will enable you to apply the same colors across your presentation slides, giving them a more coherent, professional appearance.

PowerPoint Templates

Another element that can add to the impact of your presentation’s design is typography. Unfortunately, people usually don’t give much thought to the letter typefaces they utilize in PowerPoint presentations. However, whenever you choose any pre designed PowerPoint themes, you will see that each one has its unique font combination, which compliments the overall design. 

4. Use unifying elements that compliments your content:

Incorporating too much is always a bad idea when it comes to layout designing. The less is more; simplicity aids designers in creating better designs, and so is the case in presentation designs. Hence, avoid using many images, shapes, or fonts in the body slides of your presentation because too much of it would confuse the audience. 

In order to make a simple yet powerful slide design:

  1. Choose some unifying elements (colors, icons, or shapes).
  2. Make good use of white space to make the minimal design.
  3. Remember, you do not want your presentation slides to appear claustrophobic.
  4. Try adding a single or two colors to your slides or focus on a single graphic element.

PowerPoint Templates

For inspiration, you can look up minimalist templates available on SlideModel. 

Having a minimalist design is ideal for making a professional presentation as it will keep your audience interested in what you have to say. 

5. Make use of a coordinating background:

You must also pay extra attention to the background of the slides. Ensure that all of them follow the same theme and color combination. However, we would suggest you go for either dark colors. As elements displayed on the slides stand out much more against a dark background. 

PowerPoint Templates

Above, we have shared one of the Inbound Marketing PowerPoint Template slides from the SlideModel. See how appealing this unusual color scheme looks, making it stand out among others. This whole template has a set of slides with the same color scheme to jell together while keeping it simple, knowledgeable, yet appealing.

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