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What is virtual event software?

While 2020 caused many businesses to consider moving to online forms of communication, be that conferencing programs or intra-team business messenger apps, virtual event software has been around for some time.

However, as this software has been innovated on thanks to its exploding interest and usage, services such as are starting to perfect the formula.

But what is virtual event software, and what can it mean for your business? Asking those questions is not always easy to do because every business is unique in terms of how it’s set up or how they communicate both internally and externally.

In this post, we’ll try to elucidate the benefits of using such software to help your organization grow.

What does virtual event software do?

Virtual event software functions almost identically to how video conferencing software works. This time, it can be used to schedule particular events, present slides and ideas, ask for community engagement and feedback, and bring together speakers from all across the world in one accessible room.

All you need is a compatible computer, a webcam or compatible camera plugged into your device, and a microphone, be that internal or external, and you can present from the office, outside, or in the comfort of your own home.

Virtual event software takes the comforting candour of video conferencing software and makes it professional and streamlined. Let’s discuss those features in further depth to get a better idea of how this works:

Assigned Speakers & Waiting Audiences

Giving speaking control to the appropriate speakers seamlessly is important when presenting a meeting or a public event and can allow you to easily keep up the pace of said presentation without awkward hitches.

Additionally, waiting audiences can be assigned to join a room at a certain time, and verified accounts can be allowed, limiting access to those who aren’t already approved. This means that meetings as part of a company-wide strategy, intra-department briefings, or even scheduling online interviews with potential recruits can take place seamlessly and without hiccups.

Demonstrative Capabilities

Virtual event software allows the presenter to show slides, images, video clips, and more without losing control of their presenting ability.

These pieces of content can also be applied in a streamlined fashion to show only the relevant information at a given time. Demonstrative capabilities, in this sense, allow for a wide variety of presentations or meetings to take place, effectively leaving all of the content of a meeting not up to the whims of what’s available in the software package but rather to present on their own terms, securely, and with care.

With software pointers able to magnify or showcase certain elements of said presentation at a time, there’ll be no need for confusion ahead of time.

Your presentation can also take place in stages, incremental blocks of time that lead to the timing and scheduling of an event. You may start with an introduction, and then a guest speaker, then a promotional video, and then further speaking. This provides companies with the means to provide streamlined professionalism no matter what they have to offer.

After all – why should an online conference be any less capable than one taking space in a rented event hall?

Community Engagement

Presentations are one thing, but offering the chance for community engagement can take a private or public online event to the next level. For instance, you may decide to showcase a poll, ask for ideas, or receive written submission you can review live.

Community engagement in this way can help you increase focus, as well as gain essential data you can use for future presenting purposes.

What are the benefits for your business?

All of these virtues sound good, but what could be the benefit for your business?

To begin with, virtual event software prevents companies from having to cancel events due to circumstances out of their control. A cloud-based platform allows for unlimited events and only one executive producer running the show. As such, events can take place with shorter notice.

Compatibility with various media sources also allows video event software to retain the professionalism of a full speaking engagement. Furthermore, the best virtual event software platforms provide an easy means of curating this event, often with drag-and-drop designed interfaces to make accessibility king.

Webcasting of this nature is the future of connecting everyone. Now that the stigma of online-only professional communication has all but dissolved installing and utilizing tools like this could serve as the next professional step for your company.

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