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Who Do You Need to Hire to Make an Android App?


Having a brilliant app idea isn’t the only thing you need to get started. The building process brings many questions and dilemmas for you. Maybe you would like to know about the costs associated with making an app. Or, you don’t know who you need to hire for the app’s development. When you hire Android developers, you will find out that the price will depend on a few factors. You can get quoted with a few thousand dollars, or even more depending on your specific needs. 

The options available

Some companies don’t have the budget to hire full-time employees. Therefore, some startups decide to outsource the task. 

You can choose between hiring a company or employing a freelancer, depending on which choice suits your needs. 

Hiring a company

Obtaining professional service will ensure a smooth project. Companies have extensive departments that even include professionals in the user experience part. The company will assign a team of professionals that corresponds to your specific needs. Therefore, they can execute the whole task from start to finish.

The main advantage of hiring a professional company is the experience. They have handled so many apps before, which guarantees successful results.

Agency vs. freelancer?

When you want to build a mobile app, you have the following choices available. The final decision depends on the scope of your project, preference, and budget. You can get service from a trusted agency or a reputable freelancer. 

Functioning with fewer people will cut down expenses. In addition, you are directly involved in the process. Communication is straightforward since you have a smaller team. You will manage the outcome better, which is essential if your project comes with specific needs.

Obtaining services from freelancers can be a budget-friendly solution. However, it means that you are responsible for the management process yourself. Therefore, you will need to dedicate more effort and time to get things sorted out.

 Also, freelancers tend to specialize in a single area. Consequently, you will be required to employ a couple of freelancers simultaneously to complete the project.

Your final selection relies on your preferences and needs. Have in mind that you will keep within the budget and build a close relationship if you work with a small agency.

Factors that determine the price

Which functionalities do you like to introduce to users? The functionalities included will decide the expense of app development. 

If you require an uncomplicated application with only one function, you will pay less. However, complex mobile apps that perform various functions will cost more to develop.

Do you want your app to be available across various devices? Cross-platform apps have a market advantage because they are compatible with different devices. However, expect the costs to be higher if you need it to be available across various devices. If you want to make your mobile app compatible with Windows, the cost will go up. 

When working on an Android app, have in mind that they need longer test periods. Therefore, the longer testing will increase the price if you pay your developers by the hour. 

Will your app access other data sources? Sourcing data from other places will make the development process more complex. 

Do you require any special features that enhance the user experience? Shopping carts are one of the desirable characteristics of e-commerce, but they will cost you more. Allowing users to make a profile and sign in will also raise the cost. 


Executing a mobile application that represents your brand identity will cost more money. Branding will include high-quality graphics, customization, and animations. Therefore, you will need app developers with more advanced skills. Consequently, they will charge more for the job.  


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