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Best Ways to Get YouTube Subscribers in 2022

Over one billion hours are watched each day on YouTube which is equal to 8.5 minutes for each person. So, there is no doubt that YouTube is one of the biggest online platforms that marketers can not risk missing out on. However, there is huge competition for YouTubers. Making a YouTube video may not be as difficult as making it reach the right audience. Thus, read the article below to find out the best ways to get YouTube subscribers in 2022.

Best ways to get YouTube subscribers in 2022

1. Prioritize Your Audience More than Revenue

Do you only want to earn fame and money from YouTube? Or do you actually want to give something out to your audience? If you want to inspire, build, and educate people out there, you are on the right path. However, if your main focus is on revenue, you may not go far.

So, we advise you to stop worrying about metrics like subscribers, views, and watch time. Instead, focus on what value you can give to your audience.

2. Create consistent content

Consistency is the key! Before the Internet changed everything, viewers used to anticipate until the next episode of their favorite show came out. Because it used to consistently come out at the same time. This applies to YouTube too.

If you want to get genuine subscribers, you need to be consistent. Set the day and the time you will publish your video every week and stick to the schedule. Because if you consistently publish high-quality videos, you can also get new subscribers. Besides, your consistency gives them a reason to invest their time into what you can offer to them.

3. Leverage your channel trailer

Your channel’s trailer is a short video on the homepage of your YouTube channel to tell your new visitors what your YouTube channel is all about. It is quite similar to a movie trailer. Besides, you can also use it to tell your viewer why they should subscribe and when they can expect a video to come out.

Thus, you can make a channel trailer to help the new viewers know what type of videos they can expect and when they can expect, and why they should subscribe.

4. Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe

It may sound odd and cliche. But it is an effective way to get new subscribers. If they are watching your video, they are getting something valuable. Thus, tell them what their engagement means to you by asking them to subscribe. However, do not forget to illustrate why your channel is worthy to subscribe to. So, you should only ask them to subscribe if you are sure you are giving them something valuable. Besides, do not ask too often may also make it too clingy.

5. Identity Which Videos Attract the Most Subscribers

It is one of the best ways to get YouTube subscribers in 2022. Studying your own YouTube channel and your audience’s interest are very important if you want to get subscribers for free. Initially, try to consistently publish high-quality videos. Then, analyze which of your videos get the most engagement. These have a high chance of getting you new subscribers too.

6. Take YouTube SEO Seriously

Taking search engine optimization seriously is very important. Because YouTube is the second largest search engine out there. Therefore, we recommend you learn how how to optimize your YouTube videos so that they can reach the right audience.

To optimize your YouTube videos, you can add titles, tags, and descriptions to your videos. Besides, take your time to find out the right keyword. Because just throwing off videos is not enough. You need to let YouTube know what you are putting out there.

7. Create Engaging Thumbnails

The thumbnail of your YouTube video is the first impression that has the potential to decide whether or not people will watch your video. Besides, it also helps you to distinguish yourself from other creators. Thus, the thumbnail and the title of the video actually let the viewer decide whether or not your video is capable of that click. Therefore, invest enough time to create an engaging thumbnail.

8. Collaborate with other creators

Collaboration is one of the most popular and best ways to get YouTube subscribers. Besides, you can also make connections by collaborating with other YouTube creates. It is similar to you and your friend suggesting each other a new series you have just watched on Netflix. Thus, if you collaborate with other creators, people who were unfamiliar to you before get to discover you. In case they liked your work, they will definitely subscribe without a second thought.

Thus, collaboration is great to introduce yourself and your work to a new audience.

9. Create searchable titles

Similar to YouTube thumbnails, the title of a video has equal importance if you want to get your channel discovered by people who are looking for something you already have on your channel. Besides, a good video title is not a description of what the video is about but it can also illustrate the intent of the video and why people should watch it.

10. Engage with your audience

Engagement with your audience is the key. It is basically telling them that you as a creator know how valuable they are and that you cherish their support. How can you do so? It is simple. In order to stay connected to your audience, try to invest some time and reply to them. Or you can at least hear their comments on your video. Moreover, you can also post a question on your videos and pin it to the top of the thread.

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